Posted by: thedianestory | May 5, 2009

A Nice Evening – Beautiful Picture

Amazing. I love it.
Amazing. I love it.

Danny and I did indeed end up taking an evening walk over by the Piers. After icing my knee and staying off of it for a couple hours, it let me walk on it again. It was too beautiful of a night to pass walking over to the pier and docks.  I took several pictures of the water, bridge and buildings. The picture above is one of Danny’s favorites from the evening, as well as mine. As we viewed the pics we got when we got back to the condo, we were amazed upon seeing this one. I got some pretty cool shots of buildings too. My computer is being slow tonight, so I will post a separate blog with pictures of buildings later.

Isn’t God’s beauty amazing? He has given us such amazing things to enjoy on this earth. Bridges, islands, water, fog, trees….all intertwined together. I am taken aback at the beauty I have enjoyed on this trip. God continues to be faithful to me. I heard God speak to me on my walk with my brother tonight. Enjoying His creations and seeking to follow Him. I will share what God is putting on my heart in future blogs. For now I just want to remind everyone to enjoy the beauty that the Lord has put all around us. God is Faithful.

These song lyrics came to mind today. I don’t know the title or who sings it. I learned it at camp in highschool.

“I’ve got confidence

My Lord’s gonna see me through

No matter what the case may be

My Lord’s gonna fix it for me.”

May each of you be blessed this week and remember to see God if the beauty around you.



  1. VERY cool picture!!! Wow. That should be in a calendar or something! Love you and miss you sis!

  2. I was quite amazed. I love it. Thanks!

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