Posted by: thedianestory | May 3, 2009

Britex – Fabric Adventure


I spent part of my afternoon at this fabric store. A friend had told my mom about this FOUR STORY fabric store, located in the heart of San Francisco. Since I have recently decided it is time to get my sewing adventures in gear again I was excited to go visit this store.



Every floor contains a different fabric, silk, lace, cotton, gingham….you name it you can probably find it. They also have a whole floor of buttons and appliqués, and misc. sewing items any person could probably imagine.


The fourth floor is filled with remnants – the “leftovers” off of bolts of fabric. This was what I had my eyes set out to find. I can’t afford to pay “normal” Britex prices. Seriously, some fabrics were $65.00 per yard of fabric. But I could not leave this crazy cool fabric store without purchasing something. So I set out in the remnant section to find some cotton flannel material to make burp cloths and changing pads with. I was actually a little disappointed with the selection, but I did find a good deal on some pink patterned material and blue patterned material. So I have the makings for both a boy and girl set of burp cloths. I still have to get terry cloth for the back, but I can get that locally for a good price.

 Here are some pics of the fabric I bought. It was hard to get a good photograph of them so I am posting a few in hopes you can get the idea out of one of them!



  1. What a neat place! You should start following my friend Katelyn’s blog! She is a mommy to one of her own and a foster mommy to a special needs baby that she hopes to adopt. Her and her husband are an amazing couple. She also loves to sew and posts a lot of her projects. She’s a cool girl and a good source for adoption info! Love you!

  2. I love that store! I haven’t been in years! I miss you and I can’t wait for you to come home.

  3. Thanks Sara. I will check out her blog.

    Sammy, you’ve been there! Awesome. I miss you too. See you in a week.

    Love you.

  4. that is hecka awesome!!!!!!!!! i wanna gooooooo! i love BUTTONS lol. no, seriously. i do.

    • If I would have known that I would have brought you home some! Another time….maybe we will plan a day to S.F. Love you!

  5. […] made these with the fabric I got at the Britex in San Fransisco. The terry cloth, my good friend already had so she let me use some of what she had […]

  6. Adding this place to my “Bucket List….” Actually I need to write that list down somewhere…doesn’t do a lot of good in my head!

    • Seriously Sara…we should make a girls S.F. trip and go together!

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