Posted by: thedianestory | May 2, 2009

Ships in Port

Look at that ship!

Look at that ship!


Driving to Pier 39 last night I looked to my right and there were two HUGE cruise ships in port. I’ve never seen this before when at the pier and was shocked to see them.  My brother then told me that because of the Swine Flu the ships could not go into Mexico, so they are docking in San Fransisco. I’m kind of surprised that they are docking in S.F. and not San Diego, but hey; I was excited to see them! I am sure the passengers who payed for this cruise are not so happy, especially considering it is raining quite a bit in the city so it isn’t even nice weather to go out and enjoy S.F.

I however, will enjoy the picture opportunities!




  1. You are too funny! You and your mom should go on a cruise! I would someday love to go on a cruise with you & Sarah! I wish we could afford to do that this summer! Maybe the year we all turn 30. That’s coming soon though, scary thought! Love you!

  2. They are docking in SD too. Since SD is such a busy port they can only handle so many extras. So they had to divide up the cruises. Part are going to SF, part to SD and part aren’t even getting to go into a port….they get to stay at sea. Yippee! I’m suprised you’ve never seen them there before. It actually happens quite regularly. We watched one pull out while we were there with the girls for my birthday last year. Watching them pull out in SD was neat depending on where you were.

  3. Very cool! I’ve never seen one myself, but I have only been to SF once. Glad you’re having a good time! Love you!

  4. Sara….don’t forget I am a year behind you girls! ha ha
    But we should go the year you all turn 30! And then do Disneyland for my 30th! Love you.

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