Posted by: thedianestory | April 30, 2009

San Fransisco – Blog 1

I am in San Fransisco for a couple weeks visiting my brother. We have an amazing view from our condo.

You can see Pier 1 in the picture

You can see Pier 1 in the picture

Pier 1 is the view to the right of the room. To the left of the room you can see the Bay Bridge between two buildings.

See the Bay Bridge?

See the Bay Bridge?

And here are a few pictures of other buildings from our balcony.










I love this building

I love this building











I am doing my best to relax and deal with some “life issues” while I am down here. I am wanting to finish the book Living the Life You Were Meant to Live, that I started while in Michigan, because I haven’t finished it and I was getting a lot out of it. So, I am excited to get to go through my notebook, review what I have written already, and finish up working through the book.

So, any of you have any requests for pictures you’d like me to get while in S.F.? Leave me a comment if you are visiting my blog….please! I’d love to know someone is reading this thing still. Hope you all are doing great.



  1. What great pictures!! I would love to be in San Fran.

  2. I decided I’m running away from my crazy life and coming to S.F.! I miss you way to much and I’m bored, without you. Now I really sound lame, LOL!!!

  3. Those are all really good pictures! Hmm, get some pictures of the…hmm…If you go to Pier 39 get some of the sea lions and stores and stuff.

  4. You don’t sound lame at all! I miss you too Sammy. Today I feel like garbage, so I am not very much fun at the moment.

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