Posted by: thedianestory | April 30, 2009

Another Health Update

April 30, 2009

I went to the doctor again on Monday and just haven’t gotten around to writing up everything I found out. I chatted with several friends today who would appreciate an update, so for those concerned, here you go:

My last ultrasound did not show a cyst. So either, the cyst before burst, or the ultrasound tech didn’t do a good enough job, which is a possibility considering I encountered problems that day at Enloe. However, my doctor said it was long shot for something to show up this time on the ultrasound anyway, so he wasn’t surprised to find those results. So, onward we go….

I was given two options. I could either be referred to another obgyn for a laporoscopy, or go to physical therapy and see if I can get any relief from pain through that. There is a gal in Chico now who specializes in physcial therapy for pelvic pain – how cool! So I am taking this option. I will give anything a shot before having a laporoscopy again. I don’t start physical therapy until May 19th, but I did go meet her the other day to schedule it. I talked with her about the nerve block I am supposed to have on May 14th to see if she thought I should go through with it, or try physcial therapy first, and she seemed to think having the nerve block was still a good idea. So, May 14th I go in for a nerve block again. Same type I went in for in November.

While at the doctor on Monday we discussed my hormones. I told my family doc how my obgyn was just leaving my hormone levels elevated cause it won’t “hurt me” and was he was NOT happy at all. He said we can’t regulate my hormones on a spray (the EvaMist) I am on, so he changed me to taking a pill. This makes me happy. So we will try this for a few weeks and then run labs again and see what my estradiol levels are at and go from there. Hopefully this will help my weight gain as well as my *moods* .

On another note, some of you know I have been having trouble with my kidneys. We thought it was an alignment issue, but the pain has been coming and going again. Some days it is very bad, so I am not sure what is going on there. Monday when I was at the doctor, the pain has calmed down again so I didn’t mention it. Only to have pain again later that night. So, when I get back to town I will have to go back in if the pain isn’t calming down. For now, I am doing my best not to “over-do” it each day.

Thanks for all the prayers. I will keep you all posted on what is happening as I know more.



  1. I’m thinking of you honey!! Let me know if i can help you in anyway. 🙂

  2. Love you sis!

  3. Thanks for the update so I can be more specific in my prayer! I am glad you aren’t rushing into possibly unnecessary surgery and I hope the PT can help! I also hope that the nerve block does it’s job this time! We love you and as always you are in our prayers!

  4. Sara,
    Hey friend. Man I miss you. I will do my best to call this week. I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day and then have been with my brother at night. We will connect soon.
    Love you.

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