Posted by: thedianestory | April 24, 2009

Health Update

Hello all. It has been sometime now since I’ve posted any sort of update on the goings on of my health. My pain has continued to be bad.  I saw my family doctor this week, and he is sending me in for an ultrasound in the morning, April 24th. Once the ultrasound reports is back, I will probably see my family doctor again on Monday who will then decide where I need to be referred to. I am back to seeing my family doctor and starting over with getting a referral another obgyn/surgeon because my specialist gyn who has done most of my surgeries doesn’t seem to be wanting to do much to help me anymore.

On top of my pain being out of control, my hormone levels have been out of wack, and can’t seem to get leveled out. Another reason I am switching doctors – because my current gyn doesn’t seem to care that they are out of balance and just wants to leave them as is because it won’t “hurt me.” Okay, that’s great and all…but I’ve gained 11 pounds in the a month and a half, and I am NOT okay with that. And yes maybe two or three pounds of that is due to the yummy ice cream I love, but most of it is hormone related – and yes I KNOW this to be true, okay?! lol

My pain specialist wants me to go in for surgery on May 14th for another nerve block, but I am hesitant to do that until I know what this ultrasound shows because I know there is a cyst for sure that is there already on my right side and I believe is part of the source of the pain I am having. Therefore I do not want to just block the nerves so I don’t feel the pain. So, we will see about this upcoming surgery based on the ulstrasound report. I may instead need to have a laporoscopy and get the cyst and whatever else the US reports that may be going on inside me.

Okay, so aside from the pain I am having, I am doing okay. Really – I am. I am finding happiness again and everyone around me is telling me that I am getting back to my “old self.” So I will keep you all posted on what I find out. For now, I am off to bed!

Blessings to each and everyone of you.



  1. I think you are choosing to do the right thing about waiting until the US results! True, some of your pain is misfired signals but if there is something real causing some of it, you don’t want to ignore it. Can’t a cyst burst? Keep me posted and I am praying for you always! Miss and love you!

  2. I will call soon so I can update ya. And I will post a blog later about what I found out on the ultrasound and stuff. Love ya.

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