Posted by: thedianestory | April 21, 2009

1995 – Fourteen Years Ago Today

Fourteen years ago today I was in a hospital bed at Enloe Hospital fighting for my life. My body was overtaken by two bacteria infections, leaving my body with no “healthy bacteria” left and nothing to fight off infection. My body had been sick for four months, and had nothing left to give.  The doctors had tried all they knew to beat the infection, and my body resistent to the last antibiotic they had to try. It was not working and my body was shutting down. Yellow from dehydration and infection, I layed lifeless in a hospital bed. The doctor called my parents out in the hallway and told them they needed to say goodbye to me; I was not going to make it.

As I was hours away from losing my life, something miraculous happened – my body started responding to treatment, my color began coming back and regained some of my strength. My mom’s friend spent the evening before laying hands on me and praying over my shaking body, I believe asking God to heal me and make me well. It was not time for me to leave this world. God answered that prayer, and many more that were being said on my behalf from fellow believers across the country.

Watching the hand of God played out in my life and regaining life after that illness has spoken volumes to me throughout my life. While the years since then have not been free from illness, and I still suffer physical symptoms because of that illness, I am keenly aware that God is not finished with me yet. I certainly have been dealt my share of heartache through the last fourteen years, but I know that God spared my life for a reason. He must have wanted me here on earth for something. I have done my best to live my life for Him, to serve Him.

Some may not understand why the milestone of this day still triggers something within me, but knowing that God gave me a second chance at life, and having the reminder of that each year, keeps life in perspective for me. Yes I am struggling through hard times in my life right now, but I know that God has a reason for those things, a purpose for my life, and will see me through all things I endure.

Thank you Jesus for giving me life. I love you.




  1. Hi, honey.

    I am so glad you asked me to read your blog!!!

    I remember that night vividly, honey-chile. I was driving down the hill after a church service at St. Nicholas, I believe it was actually the prayer vigil time, or the great vigil. In any case, it was midnight or after and the Lord came over me in such a strong way to come to you in the hospital. It was one of those times where you just “know” what to do. Walk in, tell the guard to call so you can get through. He called, the nurse said to send me right up! Amazing! No blockade.

    I walked in and there you and your dad were. He was fussing over your tremoring body. I talked with you a bit, asking both of you if I could lay hands on you and pray. I prayed, with hands on your legs for a very long time. Each time hands were on you, the tremors stopped and you had rest. Stop, and there you would go again. (Kind of like Aaron and Hurr for Moses…sometimes we need to have our hands held up to win the battle.)

    I never said the words, but I knew we were fighting for your life and that is how I was praying. Your dad caught on and joined me as best he could in the situation.
    Hours later, I knew it was alright to leave and I went home, prayed some more, cried, told the Lord this was just too much for your momma and went to sleep.
    Then next day you were still with us! And each day since. (You really are my kid, you know.) That was only one auch moment, but a very significant one for all of us.

    I was just telling Danette the story Saturday while she was here. I didn’t even realize it was on my heart because the anniversary was so near. I hadn’t remembered the time-line, just the happening, and that your life, like mine has always had an obvious battle over it.

    What a fighter you are! Sometimes we just need help from the troops to get the victory (importance of community), but the battle was won because you never gave up, and you persevered…just like you do this day, honey.

    “And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” Romans 5:3-5

    And yes, you are definitely a character…I mean, you have character. ;O)

    Now pushing on for the hope, which never disappoints…

  2. Oops! Typo alert!!!
    Should have said “one such moment”. LOL! And me with no way to edit the post. Aargh!!!!

  3. Hmmm. Interesting threads to your post, Di.
    I am glad you know the Lord and His love, care and people.

  4. I LOVE YOU SIS!!! I will always love you to the moon and back, nomatter what crap we go through together (or with each other.)
    Love you (did I mention that?)

  5. you know how i feel because i was talking to you about it right after i read it…it’s such a moving story. i am so thankful you’re still here to be my wonderful friend. i know why God kept you here, among a billion other reasons: to be such a wonderful role model, friend, & source of encouragement for people like me. i love you dearly.

  6. Shelley,

    Thanks for commenting all you did. I still have the letter you gave me in the hospital that night. You played a huge role in the hospital that night and in those months of me fighting for my life. I remember the night so vividly when you came to pray. You were my angel Shelley. You really were. I can feel your hands on my legs to this day and get goose bumps when I think about it.

    I know I am you child…and I am grateful for that. You know what I think about you and how much I appreciate being able to confide in you. I love you.


  7. Kait,

    Love you too sweetie.


  8. Fallon,

    I so appreciate our friendship and am humbled that I can be a role model to you. You have been an inspriation and encouragement to me as well and I am grateful that you became not just family, but an amazing friend. I look forward to a lifetime of memory making together.

    Love you,

    • you made me get teary eyed…!

    • i don’t know if it worked…

      so, i said:

      you made me get teary-eyed…!

  9. We weren’t the friends we are today when you went through all that. We had just met, but I do wish I had visited you in the hospital! I can’t believe it’s been 9 years! Fallon is right, I believe you are here for a reason, we all are, and you are a huge source of encouragement for me! I know I can get through anything cause there isn’t much that God hasn’t seen you though in your short life! You have been through so much and have come out of it not beaten but strengthened! You are an awesome woman of God and I am glad to have you as a friend! You are the bestest!

  10. Oh, have you and Misha connected since you’ve been back about going to the healing rooms!?

  11. Diane,
    After I posted that note, I felt like perhaps I shouldn’t have said who I was, like taking credit. I know you had prayer going up for you all over the country, and our ministry’s international network. I was just to amazed at how God guided the whole thing and answered so quickly.
    God moves His hand when we pray, and He wanted to touch you, so He had us pray and me show up. That simple. His plan, and was it awesome!
    You don’t know, and perhaps I shouldn’t say it, but you and I are so open I think I will. LOL!
    This past year I have struggled with thoughts that nothing I have done or ministered has born fruit or succeeded. You know, like, “why AM I hear anyway if I am not good for anything or anyone, if I can’t do anything right?”.
    This past week was the toughest, and I got prayer for it Sunday, because I know it is a lie from hell, but seemed too true to fight off anymore. I felt better, but asked God if I have made a difference in bringing spiritual service to the help of people. The same night, you posted this blog and invited me to read it! What a blessing, honey. What a blessing. I need you as much as you need me. That is the way of our Papa.
    You young ones are so amazing! Never let your thoughts lie to you about that, sweetheart. You have a wonderful purpose. That is why the fight over you can be so fierce.
    Love you so much.

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