Posted by: thedianestory | April 18, 2009

Another Baby

Me, Grace, and the Baby Bump

Me, Grace, and the Baby Bump

A friend from my past came into my life again last week. It was a bitter sweet moment.  My friend Grace suffered with problems similar to mine, and walked through several surgeries as I have. She too, was close to making the decision to have that final surgery that would take away the opportunity to have a child. But, she chose to keep moving through life and deal with the pain and get through it. Though she was told she would never conceive.

Here she is years later, with a baby in her tummy, due August 2. I am so happy for her. It is also neat because August 2, was my Grandpa Fisher’s birthday; he passed away in 2007. So this was a bitter sweet reunion, and I look forward to meeting her baby boy this summer!



  1. I forgot Isa was born on grandpas birthday.

  2. Yep. Isn’t that special?

    It was very cool when Isa was born because that was the first year grandpa wasn’t alive on his birthday. So, a new life was born on the first birthday marking grandpa’s death.

    Very neat. Love you.

  3. I am happy for them, say hi for me!

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