Posted by: thedianestory | April 10, 2009

April 9, 2009

Are these purple or blue?

Are these purple or blue?

Hello friends. Just a quick post to ask for your prayers. I know several of you ladies out there are prayer warriors, and I could use some prayer. On top of the daily pain I live in, I have come down with a kidney infection/possible flu virus. Right now I have a lot on my plate that I am responsible for and need to be able to keep going. I went to the doctor tonight and was told to lay low and rest for a few days. I really can’t right now. So, would you all please pray for God to heal me so I can keep going these next few days and not have to stay in bed? If this is what God I wants, I am fine with having to stay down. However, the way God has orchestrated this next week in my life, I don’t think it is his plan for me to be ill right now. I also am really struggling to feel so horrible on top of what I deal with each day anyway physically.

So that is my brief update for tonight. Wow. Three posts in one week. Can you believe it? I really am trying to get back into the blogging spirit. Last night I caught up with an old friend and it was very nice to be able to tell her she could get on my blog and catch up on my life. I want to be able to continue to have that. So I really want to get this blog back to what it used to be.

So, hopefully tomorrow I can post something about Easter. Any of you have special plans to celebrate the day our Lord rose again?




  1. Blue.

    That’s awful! What can I do for you?
    I will be praying for you. Of course.
    Love you loads,

  2. Blue. They are royal blue dutch iris. Yay! You’d know the purple ones if you saw them. They are DARK purple.

    I’ll pray for you my little jelly bean.
    Love and kisses.

    ps: so this means you can come down on saturday for our bbq right???

  3. You did do something for me…thanks for your words tonight. Love ya Momma Bug.

  4. They’re more BLUE than purple. I am always praying for you love. I wouldn’t call myself a “prayer warrior” though, by any means! We’re not doing anything special for Easter, just going to church and hanging low for the day. What are your plans?
    Love you,
    Your Little Sis ❤

  5. Sarah,

    Those blue dutch iris are in my brother’s front yard. The flowers started blooming while I was there and he was SO excited, so we took a bunch of pics. The last owner of the house was very into gardening and such. So much so that it is part of the sale agreement that she can come back this spring and cut samplings of certain plants. Too funny. She gave Danny a lesson of what needed done to take care of the different plants and such in the yard. Too cute.

    Love you.

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