Posted by: thedianestory | April 9, 2009

Baby Thoughts – A Family?

Me and Baby Isabella!

Me and Baby Isabella!

I love children. I long to have a family of my own. I love anytime I get to spend with my friend’s children. The picture above is me with my bestie Sarah’s youngest on our trip in February.

Today I got the priveledge of going to a women’s Bible group, which is full of young moms with children, so there were children and babies filling the house. The sis-in-law of my closest friend Jamie was there, with her three month old son. She was super sweet in sharing her son with me and I got the priveledge of holding him throughout the Bible study. He even fell asleep in my arms – which melted my heart.

You know I just LOVE children so much, and I am able to fall in love with those who are not my own. Which is a quiet assurance from God that when he places that child in my arms to adopt one day, he/she will be my own. I just long for that moment.  I so enjoy  spending time and spoiling friends’ children, but it gets harder as time goes on not to have my own family.

I know that God will bless me with a family at some point, and I am working on being content until that time comes. Thank you Jesus for precious children, and for molding my heart to love them, for they are yours.



  1. My dear friend,
    It was a delight to have your company, and a pleasure to watch that little fellow sleep in your arms. I too, look forward to watching and witnessing what the Lord has in store for your life.
    I love ya lots!

  2. Thanks so much Momma Bug. It’s been a blessing getting to share just a piece of your world and meeting all your Love bugs. I love you so much.

  3. Ethan misses his Auntie Di! We need an Auntie Di fix! Come visit!

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