Posted by: thedianestory | April 7, 2009

More Disney Memories

Like my "Half a face"?!

Like my "Half a face"?!

Tonight I am missing Disneyland. Isn’t it funny how good times come to mind when you are having a down day? Today just felt “off” for me. So much going on in my life and I am not doing real well at processing all of it. So I started longing for Disneyland again. Many people have asked me for more photos, so I thought I’d do another post. You like the picture above? Sammy was trying to take a picture of the “California” letters, and I was being a goof. We laughed when we realized how the picture turned out!

Group shot in Pooh Corner!

Group shot in Pooh Corner!

We spent quite a bit of time in Pooh Corner. Winnie the Pooh being my favorite character, I didn’t mind! The candy shop back in the corner was a favorite. They have these treats called “tigger tails”. They are a stick with four marshmellows, dipped in caramel, then dipped in orange chocolate, then drizzled with chocolate. Get it…it looks like a tigger tail!

Brooklyn eating her tigger tail!

Brooklyn eating her tigger tail!

We had so much fun on this trip. I need Disneyland Therapy again! Soon. Very soon. Anyone want to join?

Waiting in line the Dumbo ride

Waiting in line for the Dumbo ride


  1. Hi Diane! I read your blog and I’m glad to see you’re keeping busy. Are you still on the other side of the country? Take care of yourself!


  2. Some of our best friends from church are there RIGHT NOW!!! I’m jealous. You’ll be there soon enough…keep repeating “my birthday is soon”, “my birthday is soon”, “my birthday is soon”. We will be back in October sometime once Dott is home.

  3. I wish I could join you!!! Maybe next year, or this summer even? I dunno…someday though!
    love you!

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