Posted by: thedianestory | March 24, 2009

Old Friends Reunite!

Jeremy, Aubrey, Paisley Grace, Jessica and Me!

Jeremy, Aubrey, Paisley Grace, Jessica and Me!

On Saturday the 21 of March, I drove down to Indiana with my brother and Elika, to meet up with Jeremy and his family. Jeremy and I were childhood friends from church. He and his family moved in 1994 and we hadn’t seen each other since. We have kept in touch through the years, and even more so these past few years thanks to Myspace and Facebook. So, upon arriving at my brother’s I realized that Jeremy and his wife are pastors in Indiana and might not be too far to visit. I googled it and found out he lives only three hours from Danny. So I messaged him and we figured out a weekend that worked for all of us, and the reunion happened!

It was so amazing to meet up again after all these years. It is such a thrill to see him married with two daughters. He is an amazing daddy and still has the amazing heart I remember growing up. It was such a pleasure meeting Jessica and the girls. Of course I just LOVED getting to hold a new baby and playing with Aubrey!Me holding Paisley!cimg3180

Saturday night was their church bowling leage, and it just so happened they needed three subs, so Danny, and Elika and I got to play too. It was such a fun time.

Danny on his way back after bowling

Danny on his way back after bowling

Aubrey wanted silly faces!

Aubrey wanted silly faces!


We said our goodbyes after bowling and drove back home so we could be at church on Sunday, as both Danny and Elika have responsibilities in leadership. On the way home, however, we stopped at Ivanhoe’s for some yummy Ice Cream!

cimg3197 cimg3199


  1. Looks like you had a very nice evening! Old friends are the best!

  2. Jamie was right it is nice to see your smile back again. Hurry home so we can hang out…

  3. I will be home soon! It will be nice to hang out with everyone again. I am very happy though, the old Diane is starting to shine through again!

  4. Awesome!!! Just too amazing that you are re-connecting on the one hand, and yet making new connections at the same time. I see a new chapter in life unfolding, and God is always faithful to do the disconnecting and connecting for us in these seasons. I am so happy you have had this “advance” time. (I hate calling them retreats.)
    I love you and miss you very much.
    Oh, and yes..I am a sucker for your “happy” pix so would love any you care to post of your Disneyland times.

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