Posted by: thedianestory | March 15, 2009

Disneyland and the Characters




I thought I would share a few more pics from my Disneyland Trip. These are all pics I had taken with the characters and Disneyland. There are stories to tell, like Pluto wanting to kiss me, and Goofy giving me his phone #. Yes, yes…apparently the charcters thought that I was a pretty cute blonde girl taking her neices around Disneyland!

The trip was an amazing time with friends that I will never forget. I would have never imagined in meeting these girls so many years ago that we would stay this close and be somewhere like Disneyland, years later with our families…or their families as the case may be. But they are my family too and it was amazing to be included in such an awesome family event.

I LOVE Disneyland as my blog readers should know by now, so naturally I have the park memorized like the back of my hand. So I was my group’s tour guide. Instead of Tom Tom, they called me their “Di Di.” It worked out well in getting from place to place quickly. At times it was rough getting through the park with so many people in a group and with 2-3 strollers all the time, but went much smoother than I would have imagined.

If anyone still reads my blogs, and I get enough comments asking, I will post more pics with blogs about Disneyland. Let me know if you are interested in seeing more. Otherwise, I will just start with where life is at now and pics I am currently taking.

I miss you all in blogland and hope to be better about blogging soon. I am really trying to get back into the swing of things.




  1. Love you! You little Disney Ho Bag!!!

  2. We here in blogland have missed you too! Being so far away from you and not talking probably as much as we should, I miss your blogging! I love seeing your pictures from that trip cause it makes me feel like I got to live vicariously through you on the trip longer! I wish I could have had at least more more day with my best friends! I miss you and Sarah a lot. Growing up and being seporated by miles sucks! We all don’t have sisters so you both are the closest thing for me. I will always think of you and Sarah as family! I can’t wait to go with you when God provides you with your family! Until then, Ethan loves spending time with his Auntie Di & your Disneyland expertise came in handy on more than one occasion! We should try to go annually!

  3. Will Di Di be available for a Disneyland Christmas 2010? I wish my family could have been there with all of you guys. I am really Happy that you are getting back into the blogging world. When you get back you will have to help me get mine set up. I have tried but I need to know the tricks of how you do it. Been thinking about you every couple of days wondering how you are doing. Hope all is well. Glad you have made some friends with new people and they are treating you right. Oh and by the way I would like to see more pictures of the big rides. The moutian rides. ya know did anyone go on the coasters? Many happy thoughts going your way…Come home soon!

  4. Thanks Vicki! I will help get yours set up when I get home. We did go on the bigger rides too, but I don’t think I got any pictures of those. I will have to go through the 2500 pics and see. But I don’t think I did…cause they are not as easy to snap pictures of since everything is faster with those rides!
    Can’t wait to see you soon. Give the girls my love and show them my picture so they don’t forget me! Love you.

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