Posted by: thedianestory | December 4, 2008

Picture Fun!!!!!!!!

We were going to get family pictures taken while my brother was out here visiting from Michigan. However, several circumstances later, that never was able to happen. So I made sure to snap a few pictures of mom, Danny, and myself before he left Wednesday morning.

Brother-Sister Love!

Brother-Sister Love!

I love my Mommy!

I love my Mommy!

I will post more fun pictures later! Right now I am on a different computer than my own, so these pictures are straight off the memory card and I have not been able to flip the other pictures to be the correct way yet. So, you will have to wait for more fun pictures!

I also have exciting news to share! My friend, Jenny Sanchez, had her baby boy on December 2, 2008. His name is James Daniel Sanchez and he weighed 7lbs, 7 ounces, and was 20 inches long. I have a picture of me and baby James, but I need to ask permission before I put him on my blog. So, when Jenny gives me the okay, I will share him with all of you! He is so precious. I got to go visit them at the hospital last night. They came home today (we are neighbors) so I will get to spend lots of time with this precious little boy!

So, since I have made it a goal to capture life’s fun moments in photo, give me some ideas of what YOU want me to try to capture from my life in photo! Analene was brave enough to oblige, so I figure maybe I could give it a shot too! Let me know your requests people!



  1. Thanks for postng about our time together. I just posted a blog to. the pics turned out good. Hope you have a great day.

    Love, MOM

  2. Thanks Mom! I love you. Maybe this weekend I can help you get your blog set up. I love you!

  3. Any updates on Analene??? Our friend Frances had their baby on the 2nd also.

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