Posted by: thedianestory | December 3, 2008

A Quick Update

December 2, 2008
Good Times at Mom's!
Good Times at Mom’s

Hi Friends! Well I’ve been blogging snippets of my daily doings but have not updated you on my health much since Surgery. This is partly because of a lack of time, partly wanting to keep thinking positive, and partly because I was focusing on the good things in life and trying to avoid the reality of what is happening.

I felt better, less pain, and more energy for about eight days after surgery, which was on November 20th. However, within the last three-five days, my pain has begun to come back, getting progressively worse again each day. I am pressing on and doing what I can to resume my normal activities. I returned to work today, for the first time since August. It was a long, rough day, gotten through only with the help of pain medicine. My doctor actually had his nurse call me today as he was concerned about me, and then he became more concerned when I told his nurse about my pain returning. He wanted me to make an appointment immediately to see him. I reminded them I am already coming in this Friday, December 5th. So we will see what happens on Friday.

I can’t take any more time off work. While God has completely provided for us while I have been off, we really need me to get back to work, at least for a little while longer. Long enough for us to make a plan and seek God in where he is leading us. Life doesn’t always take you down the road that you had planned and I can see now that there is a huge lesson in trust coming.

I am doing my best to keep going through life and am trying to have fun and bring some joy back to my life. I am trying to capture some of those moments in photo to share here! So enjoy what I am posting and I will try to keep some fun pics coming. If you would keep praying for me, I would love that. I know that God is the ultimate physician and I know he can heal me, though I just don’t think that is his plan right now. So please pray for God’s will, and for strength for me, especially as I return to work this week. My energy is getting stretched thin already.

Love and Blessings everyone!

Nate can never smile "normal"!!!!!

Nate can never smile "normal"!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Oh sweetie, I really did hope that this would be the answer we have been praying for, at least for short term pain management, but that’s really short term! I will as always pray for healing and for you & Nate. Will they let you drop the extra work you do for the office and just manage the property? Take it easy and try to save energy to do something fun every now and then! Thanks for the update, love the new pictures and Marcus is the same way (he fake smiles on que)! Miss & love you!

  2. I am praying for you! I hope you have good news on Friday. I love you and miss you!

  3. I hope that things get better for you hney. I am praying that ther will be some sort of answer today for you. Hope all goes well. Love ya more than yu know. MOM

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