Posted by: thedianestory | December 1, 2008

Diane’s Cool Find

December 1, 2008

Today I went shopping at Victoria’s Secret. This was not just a shopping spree…I had a ten dollar gift card that they mailed to me. I was not wanting to spend any money so I just went in to look at anything cheap that I could get a deal on. When I got to the store, the sales lady told me that if you bought anything in the PINK line you got a pair of limited edition underwear for free. I LOVE free stuff! So I was looking around the store in the PINK line and found a hot/cold water bag. You know those bags for cramps! Or in my case, my usual pain. I didn’t even know they made these anymore. I have not seen them in stores in forever. Let alone at Victoria’s Secret! It was $12.50, which means I only had to pay a total of $2.78 with tax. What a deal, right? And I got my free underwear too. Below are pics of the water bag…no you don’t get to see my free underwear….this is a family-friendly blog! Let me know what you think of my new cute, pink water bag!

Top View

Top View


Side View

Side View



  1. I think it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!! Hey love…Is your bro here through Thursday? I forget…I miss you! NO UNDERWEAR SHOTS!!!! WHAT??!!! lol Next time you go, take me! You always find the GREAT deals!! =) LOVE YOU SUPER MUCH!!!!!!!!! Thinking of you!!!! A TON!!!

  2. I love this style of ice or hot water pack. They’ve been back for a while advertised in parenting magazines…I’ve been debating ordering a couple. Thats too cute!

  3. I was at VS today too, what a coinsidence! I got some sparkley body spray and didn’t spend a cent! Gotta love that! Love the water pack!

  4. Sara,

    How funny is that! Good job on getting a deal too. That rocks!


    You should order some. They are awesome!


    Danny is only hear till Wednesday morning, and I go back to work tomorrow, so we missed our oppoutunity. 😦 I miss you sweets. Really bad. Hope to connect with you soon!

    Love you all girlies!

  5. Well…if you have any time after work let me know and maybe we can get some casual shots at your place until Christmas time when he comes back right? Any way sorry love…there has been so much that I did not foresee happening this CRAZY whole last week.
    We have a lot of catching up to do. I hope you are hanging in there. I can not wait to hear about how going back to work went! I love you

  6. Am praying for you Diane. I can’t imagine experiencing the kind of constant pain you have. I am very humbled by your experiences.
    One day at a time dear one, and keep your eyes on Him!
    We only have today. Beyond that can look pretty scary, just one day at a time:-)

    Love you,

  7. Wow I hadn’t one of those ince I threw the old out that my parents had. It is really cute and I got to see it before you blogged on it. Too cute. What a deal. Wish you had gotten to go shopping with me the other day. but we will go another time. Love ya Take care and take it easy.

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