Posted by: thedianestory | November 30, 2008

New Banner

Hey everyone. I don’t have time to write much…but did you all notice my NEW banner at the top of the page? I am SO excited. Thanks for making it for me Nate – Love of My Life!

Let me know what you think of it everyone!



  1. With the Pooh Bear – It is so you. 🙂 Nate did a great job.

  2. Nothing says joy like a Christmas banner! This is sweet. It is so right to have Winnie the Pooh and Onyx, too.

    Thanks again, Diane for picking Myke up for us. We were so caught off gaurd with how early they released him, and Teri had recognized that it was our last day for a very long time to be able to get away. (I had jut made a comment that it would be about right if they decided to send him home that day instead of Monday. Then the phone rang…LOL!) He is doing SO well. Amazing!

    I got some real cute papers to make the exploding box scrapbooks for the little ones (Great nephews and neices!). Diana will be able to take them up to them for Christmas, so it is easy to deliver as well.

    Even though Teri has the photo shop, we don’t know how to do much with it yet. I am hoping for a great banner, myself here soon.

    Love you so much and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and your mommy.

  3. Oops! that should have been just, not jut.

  4. Love the Pooh bear. My girls actually know who he is this year. Did you already decorate your house? We can’t wait to comeover and see your deco!

  5. Very you! Did you see I changed out my family blog into all Christmas??? I’m going to switch out my other today.

  6. Awwww! you can tell your new look was done with much LOVE!!!!!!! =)
    Love you sweetness!!! Hope to talk to you soon…Things have been crazy …I was in SUCH inSANE pain yesterday all day! I couldn’t remember your number, HOW DUNB IS THAT…I am just used to dialing Diane…not digits! lol Erg! Any who…i wanted you to know that as of now my cell is LOST! As soon as I find it or get it back (let’s hope any way)…I will call ya or tex and see how you are doing…Otherwise you could call me tomorrow if you like..I miss your voice! Love you!

  7. Oh yeah!!!! AND GUESS WHAT DIANE!!!!!!!!! I EVEN R E A D Your blog!!!! lol See…lol….I am sure you know what that means…lol…I MISS YOU!!!!!!! lol
    Love you…Talk to ya soon. Thought you would get a laugh out of that though!!!!!!

  8. Very festive!

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone! My house is not decorated yet. All those pics are from last year! I decorated mom’s house yesterday but still have my own to do. lol

    Molly I miss you! I hope you find your phone soon. I can’t take this!

    Shelley – you have always done for me through the years. I am just happy I could return the favor. And I am so happy Myke is doing better.

    Sarah – I will come check out your blog soon!

    Sara – I miss you too!

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