Posted by: thedianestory | November 25, 2008

New Do

November 24, 2008

I got my hair cut and styled today. Here are some pictures. Two are from right after it was styled (me at dinner) and the other two are after the shower tonight. Hope you like them!





Which look do you like better? Straight or fluffy?



  1. I like both of them actually 🙂 I got my hair cut too on Friday! I got it thinned out so it’s actually naturally curly now, it was too thick before to curl.

  2. Well, which one do you like better Miss Kaitlyn?

  3. I like fluffy!

  4. I like that the options are straight and fluffy! 🙂 I’m a straight girl myself, but fluffy looks great and is probably way easier!

  5. On you, I like the fluffy look. On me, not so much. I like straight hair, probably because that’s all I’m used to.

  6. I like fluffy but I like it more layered than that. The flat is cute though, just different. I just envy that you can pull off the choppy flippy look you’ve had before cause my hair won’t do that and it’s super cute. Love you!

  7. Oh, how are you feeling?

  8. I guess I should post a blog updating my health. Today has been a rough day. I am not feeling real hot. And I really don’t know if it is my normal stuff, surgery stuff, or if I am getting sick. I just don’t feel good all over and am not resting well. Love you. And my hair is more layers than it looks in the pics, it all depends on how I style it!

  9. Hey, sweetie!
    Thanks for the food delivery! Happy tummy dance going on here. LOL!
    I have enough leftovers for at least another meal, and maybe lunch, too. Yum-EEEE!!!

    Okay, truth time…I like the straight hair on you best in these pics. Normally, I like fluffy hair, too so this is something. Very flattering on you.

    How DID they cut it straight like that, Diane? LOLOLOLOL!!!LMBOOTF!!!
    Love to the Natemeister.

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