Posted by: thedianestory | November 24, 2008

Celebrate Good Times – Come On!

November 24, 2008

Little Miss Attitude!

Little Miss Attitude!

This will make my 100th post since “The Diane Story” was created at the beginning of 2008. Keeping with blogland tradition, I am posting 100 things about myself. This should stop the urge of anybody to tag me with another “quirkiness” blog – so don’t even think about it!

So, let’s get to it! Here are 100 little tidbits about my life:

  1. I love music. It is a huge part of my life.
  2. I can play the Clarinet – though probably not very good anymore, even though in school I was first chair.
  3. I can play the piano even better. It is the essence of who I am and I just got my piano moved to my place again. For that I am so happy.
  4. I have taken a recent partiality to baking. It has become a stress-reliever and I am enjoying learning how to make new things.
  5. I love God and accepted Him into my life when I was five years old.
  6. God has called me to ministry and I was a youth “pastor” for five years. Waiting for God to reveal His next plan for my life.
  7. I have an obsession with ice. Mostly crushed ice. It is my favorite, especially with an ice cold Pepsi poured over it.
  8. I think soda tastes better out of a Styrofoam cup. I know it is bad for the earth. But a Styrofoam cup filled to the top with crushed ice and the above listed ice cold Pepsi poured over it, drank through a straw, is amazing!
  9. I like scrapbooking, though I don’t find the time/patience for it too often. It is kind of one of those things I have to be in the mood to do.
  10. I love to read. I will sacrifice sleep to finish a good book. I mainly like reading inspirational books. Max Lucado books are some of my favorites.
  11. Growing up I loved reading the Baby-Sitters Club series. Well, I loved everything Baby-Sitters Club. I had the movies, the calendars, the posters – you name it. I was THE biggest fan ever. Remember – I love reading!
  12. I knew within three months of dating my husband that I would marry him. We dated for three years and then got married. But it was clear very fast that he was my husband.
  13. I like containers. Maybe that is why I sold Tupperware for awhile. The other day I dyed my hubby’s hair and the gloves came in this little plastic container and I grabbed it and said “ooh what a COOL container.” Nate just looked at me like I was crazy.
  14. I was the class of 2000 but graduated in 1999. I finished on Independent Study.
  15. I LOVE Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have made and tried several recipes. I found one my hubby loves!
  16. I like cake a lot too. Carrot cake is one of my favorites.
  17. I despise Tea. And no it does not matter what flavor it is or how “it really doesn’t taste like tea.” I don’t like it. It makes me want to gag.
  18. I love having acrylic nails, but hate the process of getting them done. I just love the way they look when they are done. So pretty!
  19. I have taken a recent liking to the rain. I seem to feel better in the rain.
  20. I do not like the frigid COLD however. When it is too cold all I want to do is snuggle up in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa.
  21. I have a hard time sleeping. My mind just does not turn off.
  22. I have really, really blue eyes. Growing up everyone said they looked like porcelain doll eyes. Now people think I am wearing blue contacts – nope – they are mine!
  23. Chocolate and peanut-butter ice cream is really yummy (thanks mom).
  24. Frozen Reeses Peanut-Butter Cups are the best!
  25. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is one of my favorites – though I really only like it from Baskin Robbins.
  26. I discovered when doing a very strict diet that I am allergic to Kiwis. They give me horrible headaches.
  27. I like to travel – most of the time!
  28. Disneyland is my favorite place to go. It really is the happiest place on earth. And yes, there is something magical about walking down Main Street USA!
  29. I made my hubby take me to Disneyland for our Honeymoon!
  30. I went to college to become a teacher. I have not finished – but plan to. I am only a few classes short. My health got in the way.
  31. Growing up my friends and I played “school” for fun. And yes, I was always the teacher and I loved to tell them they had messy handwriting.
  32. I like to proofread. I have a very hard time reading something with spelling or grammar errors. I even comment on my friends’ blogs when they mess up. I can’t help it! This has proved a good thing in jobs however. Employers like having someone to proofread their work.
  33. I am just learning to sew, and I love it. Mom bought me a sewing machine this year.
  34. Dark Purple and Dark Green are my two favorite colors.
  35. I love Winnie the Pooh. I have kept my collection to a minimum since being married however. It’s called “compromise!”
  36. I also love Precious Moments. The only thing I made Nate deal with for our wedding was a Precious Moments Cake Topper. And it was adorable!
  37. I love getting fresh flowers. You know, I don’t really think I have a favorite.
  38. English was my best subject in school. However my teachers never really liked my style of writing. Too bad for them…now that I am a world-famous blogger. *smile*
  39. I got married in the church I grew up in. It was just how I had always envisioned it. Perfect.
  40. I have an older brother who I absolutely adore. He means the world to me. I love and respect him SO much.
  41. I am related to President James Buchanan.
  42. I am Cherokee Indian.
  43. I am also Portuguese.
  44. Pork Chops are one of my favorite foods. My husband hates them though, so I don’t get to eat them often.
  45. I love photos. I take lots of pictures. Nate bought me a new camera this year and it is thin enough for me to keep in my purse at all times. This has made it much easier to capture life’s moments everywhere.
  46. I was blessed with making a couple really close friends in my adult life. That does not happen often. I am so grateful for them.
  47. I am a “Miss Diane” to four amazing munchkins.
  48. I am an “Aunty” to several more.
  49. I have a heart for children – hints wanting to teach.
  50. I love to run. I haven’t in a long time because of my health, but I ran cross country in high school and loved it. I know it’s weird, but it is so stress relieving.
  51. I am a night person. I am not a morning person at all. And no – you will not win the argument that you can train your body to “do mornings.” NO, I can’t. I function SO much better at night.
  52. I require a lot of sleep – which isn’t easy when you can’t get your brain to shut off to go to sleep.
  53. My favorite books of the Bible are Psalms, Proverbs and 1 John.
  54. When I am stressed out, I clean. So if you come over and my house is spotless and smells super clean – something stressful probably happened in my life recently. That or I must really be trying to impress you – not likely.
  55. I save manuals to everything I own. Nate doesn’t get it. I keep telling him we might need them one day!
  56. I had my ears pierced, but one of them closed. I need to pierce it again so I can wear my nice earrings my hubby bought me. Diamonds and Pearls – who could ask for more?!
  57. I love making late-night runs to Walmart with friends. It has become a tradition. And yes sometimes in my PJ Pants.
  58. It is fun to live in a college town sometimes because you can always get away with wearing pajamas out in public. Flannel pants and a sweatshirt – screams college town!
  59. I was a Girl Scout for Thirteen years. K-12th grade. I earned my Silver Award.
  60. Later I worked for Girl Scouts as their Camp Director. That was the most fun ever. Getting paid to camp and white-water raft – rough life!
  61. I LOVE camping. I don’t get to do that often enough anymore.
  62. I collect pressed pennies. I probably have around 300 or so from around the country. I started collecting them when I was little.
  63. I like to play cards. My two favorite card games are Canasta and Dutch Blitz.
  64. Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I like giving for one. I love driving around and looking at Christmas lights. There is just something magical about the Christmas season. Hmmm…perhaps it’s because of Jesus!
  65. Can you tell I am a hopeless romantic?
  66. I love chick-flicks. I will admit it. Nate is kind enough to put up with one every once in awhile. For all the others, I have my mom!
  67. I love the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies – both that have come out so far. I hope they make the next two.
  68. I despise filling out those captcha things on the internet sites. I know they prevent spam and all, but they are annoying!
  69. Hmm. I have a thing about even numbers and am just realizing this. I was going to stop working on this list, but I was on #69 “I can’t stop now…it’s an odd number.” Okay, all better. Moving on to #70. Time for a break.
  70. I am getting my Real Estate License. I have passed my classes, now I just have to take the State Test.
  71. I love cats. I have always had a cat pretty much in my life. When I moved out from my mom’s I left my Snowball there with my mom, because she is old and her daughter lives there too and I didn’t want to separate them after all those years. So three months after getting married I made Nate take me to get a cat. We adopted him from the Humane Society. He is our precious baby Onyx!
  72. I have not been blessed with good health and recently had my thirteenth surgery. Crazy, huh?
  73. I have to sleep where it is cool, dark, and quiet, but also need the white noise of a fan humming away, plus that helps it to be cool. And sometimes I put an ice pack on my head as well.
  74. I love the movie Grease. I recently, finally bought it on DVD.
  75. I love shopping. Not grocery shopping. Shopping for stuff. Clothes, shoes, household items. I even like window shopping. Put me in a mall and I can easily find my way around. When I was fourteen I visited my Aunt in Iowa. We went to a mall in Minnesota and I was leading her around, when I had never been there! She was quite impressed.
  76. I love shoes. I just bought two more pair tonight. I must have like 30 pair or so. You have to have one for every outfit, right?
  77. 7 is my favorite number.
  78. My dream house – that I will own someday – will include a wrap-around porch. I also want some bay windows – at least one.
  79. I have been to almost every state in the USA. I think there are maybe seven or so I have not been to. When I was six my family drove across country from California to Maryland. Then in college I flew from California to New York and then drove with my brother and his friends from New York to Florida for a Campus Crusade for Christ Retreat. So I have been blessed to see a lot of this great Country we live in.
  80. Growing up my favorite movie was “Hugga Bunch”. I would like to watch it again now as an adult. Yes I am a child of the Eighties.
  81. Speaking of the Eighties….have you seen that leggings and over-sized shirts/short dresses are back in style!? I am SO excited!
  82. Steven Curtis Chapman is my favorite Christian singer. I have been to every concert tour in the last ten years. His life speaks volumes about faith in God.
  83. I love watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is a tradition for me every year. And this year I will get to watch it with my brother – Yeah!
  84. I like writing encouraging notes to people. Since I was a teenager that has been something I have done. It is amazing how a simple note can brighten someone’s day. Getting an unexpected note in the mail that is uplifting is always encouraging. God has given me the gift of encouragement.
  85. I was in choir of some sort most of my life. In High School I even got to perform with my school choir at Disneyland. That was the neatest experience ever. Like I said before…Disneyland is so magical, and it was awesome to be a part of Magic Music Days!
  86. I love taking drives. It is especially fun at Christmas time when you can go “light looking” through all the neighborhoods. That time of year is almost here again and I am so excited.
  87. I think the new Kindle electronic book reader by Amazon is the neatest thing and I want one. I love to read and this just seems so cool.
  88. I have been reverse bungee jumping. This is where they strap you into a cage and fling you up first, not down. Then you go up and down several times. I went with my brother. I probably told him I loved him 100 times before we went, sure we were going to die! But really, it was SO much fun and I am glad he talked me into it.
  89. I have attended four colleges: Butte College, Chico State, Northwest Nazarene and Nazarene Bible College.
  90. I like to learn. I feel like my brain becomes mush when I haven’t taken a class of SOME sort for awhile. I am hitting that point again now. I am thinking of taking some sewing classes.
  91. I wear reading glasses. Though I am kind of bad about remembering them, until my eyes are burning so bad that they are burning so much I just have to close them!
  92. I have never gotten a speeding ticket (knock on wood…lol) Yet I still get totally freaked out when I have a cop behind me when I am driving.
  93. I have been in several accidents. Only one when I was the driver and I totaled my car – a desk was flying at me on the freeway okay? No I am not a bad driver!
  94. I look better with short hair. It is long right now but I think I am going to cut it soon.
  95. I have been in several weddings. Singing, playing the piano, bridesmaid, or maid of honor. Do you know how expensive being in weddings is? It’s crazy! But I love my friends dearly so I won’t complain. Though I think everyone is married now….except my brother, but I don’t know if I will be in his whenever he gets married!
  96. I collect ceramic bears. It started with bears from Home Interior parties years ago. I haven’t gotten any recently but have several on shelves in my home. I really like them. They are so cute.
  97. I like tomatoes…with mayonnaise and salt and pepper on them. I know, it might sound weird, but it is so good.
  98. I talk to my best friend Mommy Reg on the phone every day at least once. I love her.
  99. I love my other best friend Sara too, for the record. She is my bestest! Lol. No one could ever replace her.
  100. My heart now is for my husband. I want to be the greatest wife I can be. I strive to serve him better every day. He is the love of my life. My heart is also for kids. I want to get back to working with kids so badly. They are my passion. I  pray that God allows me to adopt kids of my own someday and that until then I can get back to a career involving children.


  1. What? You play Canasta? I have Canasta! I haven’t played in soooo long! We will have to get together and play. :o) I’m so glad you wrote this! I loved reading it. Thanks for visiting today. I hope you are feeling better soon and this surgery is the blessing you’ve been waiting for. You’re in my thoughts and prayers! Love you!

  2. Anna,

    You know how to play Canasta!? That is SO cool. We will have to play together soon. That is so cool. Most people haven’t even heard of the game when I mention it! It was good to see you tonight. Thanks for your friendship, and love, and prayers. They are mean so much. You mean so much! Hope to see you soon! Love ya.


  3. I am proud to say that I didn’t learn much cause I’ve been around a long time but it was still neat to read! You must be feeling better cause for you to sit and write all this if your back hurt had to be hard! I’m glad you clarified that I am still the bestest! Love you!

  4. I knew I had to Sara….I didn’t want you to think you were replaced, cause that will never happen. But I also know that we both know how important a close friend who is local is for us, and I pray you make a close friend down there too, just as long as I don’t get replaced! I love you!

  5. Hey that was really cool to read. Hmm Disneyland Who got you hooked on it? I wonder? Well hope you have a great day. Love ya MOM

  6. I can’t believe I didn’t learn anything new! How crazy is that? Hmmmm I’ll have to read it again. There had to be something in that list.

  7. Mommy Reg,

    The only thing that maybe you didn’t know was that I liked Hugga Bunch growing up – but we may have talked about that as well. See, we are two peas in a pod. Two years and you still knew all 100 things about me. That is impressive! Love you.

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