Posted by: thedianestory | November 21, 2008

Surgery Update

November 21, 2008


Hi everyone. I am home after having surgery and doing okay. I am sore and tired, had a rough night, but doing okay. The doctor says I will get worse before getting better and to take it easy. I came home yesterday about 2:30pm and slept until 10:30. I woke up twice in between to use the restroom but other than that, I was out of it!

Surgery went well. The part I was most nervous about ended up being better than I thought. I was supposed to be awake for the procedure as they were just using local anesthesia. However, they gave me Verced, washed my back, inserted the needle to place the local anesthesia and I remember nothing after that! The local anesthesia hurt pretty bad going in, but I just remember breathing deeply to get through it and the next thing I knew I was in recovery. My doctor was so great and had told me just to tell him if it was too much getting the local anesthesia and he would back off…but we all know that I won’t complain so I just kept breathing to get through it. Besides, apparently the Verced was working nicely and decided I could just be asleep and remember nothing the rest of the time!

I had a rough night. Just quite achy and could not get comfortable so I had to take two pain pills just to get some rest at about 4am. I am sore at the injection site this morning but don’t feel too bad other than that. Though I am very tired and will soon be sleeping again. However my wonderful mommy is here making me my favorite breakfast, biscuits and gravy with bacon, and then I will get some sleep. I have doctor’s orders to rest. But it is gorgeous outside and I’d like to take a walk! We will see.

Well, I am getting sore so I have to get off and lay down. The injection site hurts! Thanks to everyone who is praying, has prayed, and keeps supporting me. Thanks for braiding my hair Momma Reg. It has kept nicely so I don’t look ugly and feel the oil in my hair setting in! I can take a shower but no bathing for 48 hours cause of the possibility of infection. I will keep everyone updated.




  1. OOh, I’m sure you know this but the best thing after my 1 epidural (4 1/2 years ago) was moist heat. Make a bath towel wet and heat it up in the microwave (make sure the micro is clean) a little and place on the injection site. Lovely feeling.

    I hope all turns out awesome and in the next day we learn you are a whole new person.

    Love you!

  2. You’re welcome. I can’t wait until you are up and around again. 🙂

  3. Biscuits and gravy? YUM!!

    I’m so glad to hear that the surgery went well. I am praying for complete healing in your body!

  4. I am SO glad the surgery went well! I can’t wait to see you 🙂 Love you! I’ll update you tomorrow…or rather, my mom will. I really don’t think I could explain it very well. I am SO confused!

  5. Sarah,

    Actually, the doctor said NO heat, only ice. So ya. As much I would like to I am not allowed to! I am going to take a shower soon though. Love you!


    My bisquits and gravy were yummy! Thanks for the prayers.

    Can’t wait to see you.

    Mommy Reg,
    Well I better be up and around for Gia by Sunday so I will see you soon. Love you.

  6. Hey, sweetie!
    Sorry I didn’t get on sooner. I have been gone since I left home for work before 6 this morning. Thanks for the update on my cell, though!
    I am glad you are on this side of it all, and that your mommy was there with you. Nothing beats having mommy with you when you are hurting.
    Still praying, honey.
    Love you so much!

  7. It was nice hearing from you tonight! It was a crazy day for us! So glad to hear that you got to sleep through it all and that you don’t feel too poorly! We are still praying for full healing! Love you!

  8. Thanks Sara. Love you too! It was nice hearing from you tonight. Glad we checked in. Call me Saturday.

  9. Hi Diane honey,

    You are very welcome for the biscuts and gravy. I am happy to be there for you and continue to pray for healing. I hope this does what it is supposed to do. Love ya much MOM

  10. And I love you more Mom!

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