Posted by: thedianestory | November 19, 2008

Missing Sara and Ethan (and Marcus too)

Ethan with Curious George

Ethan with Curious George

This is Ethan with his monkey, Curious George. He used to love Curious George but has been neglecting him recently. While at Kohl’s on my visit, he saw George in the store and started talking to him. I told him he already had him! So when we got home I had to remind him to give his monkey some love. Isn’t he so cute?

Aunty Di getting ready to let Ethan slide

Aunty Di getting ready to let Ethan slide

I was at the top of the slide and Sara was at the bottom to catch him. He LOVES to slide. We did this over and over and over again. Sara and I switched positions halfway through and let him slide until he tired the adults out. Then we told him it was snack time!

He took a seat in Mommy's lap to eat

He took a seat in Mommy's lap to eat

He stopped to eat his cheddar bunnies and he even shared. Then we packed up and headed back on the walk to the car. It was a nice day.

And now….I miss them.

Aunty Di and Ethan at the park

Aunty Di and Ethan at the park

I had such a nice time and I hope to see them soon. I miss you guys! Sara – give Ethan lots of hugs and kisses from me, okay? Love you!



  1. He is just too stinkin cute 🙂 I love the last picture of you and Ethan!
    Love ya!

  2. Love you too Kaitlyn. Did you get my myspace comment?
    I love all the pics of me and Ethan. Glad I have some more now! Thanks for humoring me and thinking he is cute too!

  3. HI, honey. Glad you are posting more about your vacation time. What a cutie! And you are a good auntie for him.

  4. I LOVE being an Aunty. It warms my heart. I just miss him so much already! I HAVE to see him again soon!

  5. You are welcome anytime, our guest bed is waiting for you as long as we’re here and then who knows where we’ll be, but you’ll be welocme there too. Ethan misses you too and he actually looked for you yesterday morning. Marcus let him walk down the hallway and he looked into the guest bedroom and yelled at Marcus. Like, “where is she?” It was really funny! But we look at your blog together everyday, he sits on my lap, and I show him your pictures together and he smiles. He won’t forget you and we will visit as soon as it’s possible!

  6. I am glad he knows who I am now and is at the age where he will start remembering me. It warms my heart and I will visit again soon! Love you guys!

    You look so happy and chill!!!! I am soooo glad that you got to go see them and take a little break! I love you D.
    I will be praying for you all day tomorrow love!

  8. Diane, go read Sara’s blog tonight and again in the morning before your surgery. It is definitely for you. I stole it for a day or two so you can see it whereever you read! I will remove it soon, though since it was Sara’s blog post! LOL!

    It is for you, totally and there is nothing better to be said on this night.

    We love you so much, and are praying for you. You are not forgotten!

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