Posted by: thedianestory | November 18, 2008

Surgery Time

Hi everyone. Well I am back to reality after having a lovely time at Sara’s. It was the nicest trip I have had in a long time. I got lots of rest and just relaxed. Seriously, my mind actually shut off at night. It is amazing. I am working on figuring out how to have a stress-free home. I really need to keep my home stress free and rid of negativity. Anyone who has any suggestions should leave me a comment!

My doctor’s office called today to confirm that my surgery will be Thursday 11/20/08. I have to be there at noon so I am assuming that my surgery is at 1pm. Please pray this procedure works to help my pain. This needs to help or else I will be living in pain. Please also pray that I rest before surgery. I am not feeling great and know that my anxiety will begin to peak as surgery arrives. I will post updates after surgery when I am up to being on the computer again.

Thanks again to everyone who is supporting me through this time. It is much appreciated.



  1. Hi, honey

    I am praying for the success of this procedure so that you don’t have to look forward to constant pain anymore.

    Sara (Lynch) sorry I forgot her new name…her blog is only by invite now. It recognizes my AOL email, but not my password so I can’t read her updates! gasp!

    Will you ask if she will invite me to her eblog site by for me? That is, if she doesn’t mind me reading her posts.

    Love that girl, and love you, too honey.
    I miss you. You are in my heart and in my prayers.

  2. Okay Shel…I emailed Sara for you!

    Thanks for your prayers. I will keep you posted. I really want to see you. Love you.


  3. love you! you missed some fun blogs….catch up!!!

  4. Okay girl! This is gonna work! My mom wants to know whether you’ve thought about going to that Bethel Church in Redding that Dan & Misha have been attending that do healings? She thinks you’d have nothing to loose. If the procedure fails I would consider it if I were you but I think this will work. It may not give you long term healing but at least you’ll know that when it gets bad again you have an option. I’m praying for you, so is MOPS, my mom’s small group and my bible study will be on Thursday! Love you! Call when you need me anytime! Miss you!

  5. Oh and Shelley, i sent you an invite and of course you are welcome to be a reader! Add yourself as a follower, I only have three! You too Di!

  6. Always thinking about you. Let me know if you need anything. I will be home all weekend. Just call. Rest, rest, and more rest! Have you tried Yoga?

  7. Vicki,

    I have tried Yoga. It killed me and made me even sicker.
    I will call you if I need anything.

    Love ya,

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