Posted by: thedianestory | November 16, 2008

Group Picture and Note to Sara

Ethan, Sara, and Aunty Di @ Dinner - Ruth's Chris Steakhouse!
Ethan, Sara, and Aunty Di @ Dinner – Ruth’s Chris SteakHouse

I wanted to share a picture from dinner the other night. This is the only group picture we have gotten on my trip and I think it turned out great. Apparently everybody thinks Ethan is the cutest thing ever as I had the most hits on my blog since posting all those pictures the other night. So I thought I would post one more. I also have lots of pictures from the park adventure today that I will post when I get back home and I post my “I miss Sara and Ethan blog”.

You are the greatest friend a girl could ask for. No one can ever replace fifteen years of friendship. We have been through thick and thin together. Our friendship has stood the test of time, hasn’t it? You have been so gracious having me in your home and taking care of me for a few days. Your kindness and compassion means the world to me. It is a priveledge to come here and feel so relaxed. You have opened your home to me and let me rest when I needed to rest and have made sure I have had everything I needed. You are such a great friend, more like a sister, who has allowed me to be an aunty to her son. Tonight we finally got him to say “Di, Di!” Watching you in your motherhood this week has been wonderful. You are a great mommy. Your love for son is so obvious and it is clear that he comes first in your life. I respect how hard you work as a mom and all you give up to do so. I hope that one day I will have children to bring to play with your kids and we can have “mommy moments” together. Ethan is growing up so fast and I hope we can see each other more over these next six months. I definitely want to visit soon and you will have to come to Chico sometime soon too. I love you so much and want you to know just how much you mean to me. Thanks for having me this week. My visit has been wonderful. I love you Sara!


  1. So nice to hear what a wonderful time you are having. I knew that you would. Love the group pic. You all are looking happy and rested. Thanks for keeping in touch. We must get together when you get back.

  2. You are so sweet! I’ve got a tear in my eye. I am missing you! Ethan can’t get enough of his Ark, he is obsessed! Thank you again for that and for coming and helping us with Ethan! I have missed you and it’s been nice having the time to spend together. I am glad your trip was restful and I hope you go home feeling ready to be healed by your new doctor. I hope that this procedure brings you some peace for a while and that it allows you to have your life back, even for just a while. Ethan and I miss our DiDi and you are welcome anytime! I mean it! And I will try to visit after the holiday season is over! Love you so much!

  3. I am so glad Ethan is enjoying his new ark! It was fun getting to see him play and to play with him. My procedure has been scheduled for Thursday 11/20. I have to be there at noon. It was amazing getting to spend so much time with you guys and sharing in Ethan’s days for a few! Hope you can come visit in the new year. I love you sweetie!

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