Posted by: thedianestory | November 15, 2008

Picture Time

Well people really want to see pics, so I hope you enjoy these ones. Isn’t my nephew the cutest little guy? We are trying desperately hard to get him to say Aunty Di. He says Da da da da da, all the time, so we just need to get him to change the vowel! I bought him the Little People Noah’s Ark Toy at Costco yesterday. It was waiting for him this morning when he woke up, so he has had a blast playing with it all day! He especially likes the Lion since that is what he was for Halloween. Speaking of which, Sara gave me an 8×10 picture of him in his Lion costume, so it will go on my wall as soon as I get home!

Well, two posts in one evening. You all are getting spoiled! lol. Thanks for humoring me!


  1. Aaawwwwwww He is SO CUTE! He makes me want a baby 😛 Not for awhile, don’t worry!

  2. He is quite yummy! I am eating him up…lol.

  3. Cute little guy! Good job, Sara. You make a cute baby.
    Love you, Diane.

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