Posted by: thedianestory | November 12, 2008

Time For Some Fun

November 11, 2008

Girls Weekend - December 2007

Girls Weekend - December 2007

Time to have some fun….tomorrow. I can’t have fun until the house is finished getting cleaned….I finished! My hubby is being more than generous and allowing me to go stay with my best friend for a few days or so. I don’t know when I am coming home, but definitely before the 20th. I need to get away and de-stress before surgery. I figured there was no better place than that of my bestest, so I am off to see Sara and Ethan and Marcus. We (Sara and I) are SUPER excited. We haven’t had a good amount of time like this in awhile. Sarah and I visited last December but it was only for a quick weekend. So this is going to be awesome. Please pray that I have a safe drive. I generally do not drive out of town by myself because of my pain…but I HAVE to get away and the only way is for me to drive there. So, I will only hit the road when I feel good. I am planning on leaving around lunch time on Wednesday.

I will have my laptop and imagine I will still be online to post. But should Sara and I decide to just gab the night away, I will not be sweating it! So if I disappear for a few days….I am fine. I am just finally getting a break!

Leave me some love while I am away and I look forward to catching up with you all soon!



  1. We will keep you covered with prayer. Have an awesome time!

  2. Thanks Shel. I have not slept tonight. I am SO screwed now. ARGH.

  3. Please don’t leave until you feel rested and awake! I am excited for you to get here but I want you to drive safely. I worry about you driving this distance alone! So you call me if you feel tired and we can chat to keep you focused. Take your time! Ethan can’t wait!

  4. Listen to Sara, Diane. Only drive when you are rested enough to be safe. So many accidents happen from people dozing when they thought they were fine.

    BTW, this is an awesome pic of all three of you! Great photo.

    Loves to Sara.

  5. All ready missing picking on you… Have a great time. Sara you have to help me out and at least pick on Diane once a day… Maybe Ethan can help out too…

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