Posted by: thedianestory | November 10, 2008

Kreative Blogger Award Meme

November 9, 2008

Morgan tagged me for the Kreative Blogger Award Meme. Answer the questions and tag who you want.

What I did before: I used to go to school. I was getting my teaching degree, then my health problems took over. I am hoping to go back and finish as soon as my pain gets better. I also used to be a youth pastor. I was a licensed pastor through the Church of the Nazarene. Things did not work out as planned, which makes me sad. I miss the way things used to be. But I am getting my fulfillment in youth ministry in other ways, so I know that God has a plan.

What I do now: When not out on disability, I am a Resident Manager for a Property Management Company. I am also a wife, sister, daughter and friend. Those things all take my time and responsibility too. I hope to add mom to that list in the next few years.

What I like to do: Worship God, first and foremost. I love to write. Really I do. I am digging this blogging thing. I am so happy my husband encouraged me to start. I am thinking he just wanted me to have an outlet for all my words besides unloading on him at the end of the day, lol. Really though, writing is therapeutic for me and I enjoy sharing my life with others. I also enjoy playing the piano, listening to music, singing – anything to do with music really. I also like to run, hang out with friends, camp and love spending time with family.

What attracts me to my husband: Nate loves God, and his an incredibly hard worker. He currently works and goes to school full time. Spends several hours a week serving the church, and is devoted to taking care of me, his sick wife. People tend not to realize just how much he does have on his plate. I am grateful for his love.

Favorite foods: I love pasta. LOVE it. Oh, and chocolate of course. Dark chocolate is the best (Kaitlyn…Mommy Reg and I are going to have to work on you). I also love desserts. Cakes and cookies are a girls best friend! Okay, so diamonds are….but still.

What I say most often: Hunnies….I love you, and “My name is Diane….I’m on cloud nine.” Oh and Onyx…it’s Nuggle Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you ready to Nuggle????????????

Since I just tagged several people for the last Meme, the only person I will tag is Sara, since she is new to blogging and didn’t get tagged last time! Everyone needs to go over and introduce themselves. She is my bestest!


  1. 😛 And I’ve tried dark chocolate,many times, it’s still gross!
    Love you!!!

  2. Now this is a fun Meme for you, to get an award first. LOL!
    Your Natester is awesome, Diane. Thank him for me for being such a wonderful hubby for you.

    Love you lots, sweetie.

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