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Doctors Appointment Update

November 6, 2008

Hello friends. I never slept Wednesday night. Went to the doctor Thursday morning, and then stayed awake as long as possible and finally went to sleep around 7pm. It is now 1am and I am awake and typing you an update. I am counting this as my post for November 6, 2008 though – cause I am trying hard not to miss a day.

My doctors appointment went okay, though my worst fears were confirmed and I do have to go in for surgery. There are only two options for me. The first was to be on medication the rest of my life. Once I started this medication I had to stay on it forever. Don’t ask me any details as to what the medication is because Nate and I told the doctor that was not even an option so we didn’t even go into any details of the medicine. So the next option, and the one I must take is to have a surgical procedure to block my nerves. I don’t know what the procedure is called, so until I research it a bit I don’t know what to call it.

Backing up a little, the doctor says he believes I have damage to my sympathetic nervous system due to multiple surgeries that I have had. So he can go in and surgically block the pain signals to those nerves. The only problem is that he cannot tell me how long the block will last as it varies from person to person. He said some get four months relief, some get seven months, and if I got a year of relief he would say “good for you!”

The procedure is only done with local anesthesia as I cannot be completely out for the procedure. They will hook me up to an IV, get me comfortable and then have me lie on my stomach. Dye will be injected into my abdomen and x-rays will be taken to guide the needles that will be put through the bottom vertabrae in my back going through to the pelvic floor nerves in my abdomen. The doctor says it won’t be a pain free procedure but it should not be that bad. I told him that I’ve been through a lot and I am sure I can handle it and that nothing much phases me. He told me to stop downplaying what I am going through and that he is sensitive to what is going on with me. He wants me to know he really cares about the situation I am faced with and is very sorry there is not much that can be done and that he knows I really want to start a family and get my life back, and that he is committed to doing what he can to help me. He really is very nice and got out his textbooks and showed Nate and I pictures of everything to explain.

His office is getting approval from the insurance company and hopefully we can get this done by Thanksgiving. I was supposed to return to work on the 17th of November, but may not be able to return till the first of December now. I met with my work and they seem to be okay with it. Though I have requested approval in writing so I am protected.

I am quite nervous about this procedure and am not exactly dealing with it well. I need to get away. Once I figure out when it will be scheduled I may be finding a way to get out of town for a few days before the procedure. Sara – my bestest – can I come visit? I need you!!!!!!!!!!

Well I think that is the update. Please keep me in your prayers. Pray for peace, comfort and sleep. This has brought on even more anxiety for me. Thanks for journeying with me my friends.




  1. Have you ever had an epidural? Part of that process sounds like that. I’m sorry this wasn’t the answer any of us hoped for. Love you!

  2. I’ve had a spinal block for surgery, so it is all very familiar. Ya. I just hope it actually does something, ya know? Love you too.

  3. Wow, it sounds like you have such a great doctor. I love that he said not to downplay what you’re going through and seems to genuinely care about you.

    I’m so sorry you’re having to have the surgery and I’m playing that is quick, easy and more successful than you can imagine! 🙂

  4. YES PLEASE COME!!!!! You know I have been waiting for you to visit and you are welcome anytime! I am excited at the prospect of you coming soon! Please let me know so I can let Marcus know and maybe he’ll have a day off when you visit and we can go to the restaurant. I love you! I am so sorry you have to have a procedure but it sounds like your doctor is very intellegent and has your best interests in mind! He sounds very caring and empathetic! I like that! You need that! Please come as soon as possible! Ethan is growing up before my eyes and has changed so much since the last time you saw him, you need to visit! Love you! Call me soon too!

  5. Hi, honey
    I am so sorry to hear this news, and yet I am also relieved that you have someone who takes your pain seriously and who also wants you to take your situation seriously.
    We will be praying for the procedure to go well with minimal pain and discomfort, and also for it to be successful for your pain relief.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live your life again????
    I love you honey. Rootin’ for you all the way.

  6. Sara,

    I have to get the okay with Nate to come visit and I need to figure out when I am going in for the procedure. But then I am coming. I need you and I need my nephew! I can’t wait to see you and play with Ethan, and see Marcus too of course! I’ll be coming soon.

    Thanks for your prayers. I really appreciate your support – having not even met…we still need to work on that!

    Yes…I want to live life again so I am hoping this works. I am praying for LIGHT! I love you too and can’t way to see you soon.

    Blessings everyone,

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