Posted by: thedianestory | November 6, 2008

This Evening’s Randomness

November 5, 2008

Just a warning…I have a lot of thoughts swarming through my head so this post will include several topics possibly. I apologize in advance for any confusion!

I see the pain specialist in the morning again. Hopefully he has done research as promised and will have some options to offer me. My hubby is joining me at my appointment and I am hoping that it is a good thing for us to tackle this together. I started getting scared tonight that I may be hearing a surgical procedure is necessary and I do not want to hear that. I need to get back to work, and I do not want to have surgery again. I am sick just thinking about it.

Prop. 8 passed here in California. This means a ban on same-sex marriage. You know when I was a kid I would have never dreamed that I’d live to see a day where we have to argue about what marriage is. Do people not realize that is takes a man and a woman to produce a human being. Therefore how do same-sex marriages make since? Marriage is between a man and a woman. Thank you California voters who voted Yes on 8. I am praying the courts do not overturn this ruling yet again.

So Obama is our President Elect. I’ve moved on from being upset and disappointed to resolving myself to pray for the country and our president. Seriously I am going to make it a mission of mine to pray everyday for the leaders of this great nation. It is my job as a Godly citizen to do what I can to support our nation. So please join with me in praying. Honestly we should be proud to live during such a huge time in history. There are some positives that will come from this. Racism should end in our country…or at least the overall tones that come about it. People can’t really say we live in a racist country anymore when we just elected our first African-American President. Times are changing and we should at least be proud to witness such amazing moments in history. These times will be in the textbooks long after we are gone from this earth.

The weather is changing here. The air is crisp, we’ve had rain and “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.” It is to me anyway. It is normally my vow to NOT listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving….but this year I have decided that I have FAR too much Christmas music to load on my ipod to get through it all in less than a month. So my ipod will be getting charged and loaded with my Christmas play lists tomorrow and the Christmas music is going to begin. Warning family members and close friends…you WILL be hearing my favorite Christmas CD by Point of Grace over and over and over again…even earlier this year. Good times are coming!!!!!!!!!!

Well I think that has cleared my head of some rambling for the evening. I am going to read everyone else’s thoughts now and do my regular blog-hopping!

Until Next Time,


Thought I might entice you with some Christmas photos from last year!



  1. Hey, Diane.
    Glad you are coming up into realizing our role in all this “happenings on” in our nation.

    Point of Grace Winter Wonderland is one of my favorite Christmas CD and I listen to it whenever I want to! smile. I like them all, but my fav is “Let there be light”.

    My other fav is Selah’s Rose of Bethlehem CD. Awesome! You must get it for your collection. My fav song on that one is “Let There Be Light”. It is a must have.

    Hope your appointment goes more positively than you anticipated.
    Let us know the update. Love you honey.

  2. You’ve been tagged!

  3. Please blog about your apt. ASAP!

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