Posted by: thedianestory | November 3, 2008

Trust and Obey – November 2, 2008

Tell me what I want to hear

Please help me to erase the fears.

You don’t know exactly what’s done

But I can assure you it has not been fun.

I’ve come a long way

Taken from night into the day.

God comes along and makes things alright

as His heavenly angels guide us to the light.

Some things in life

are just so unclear;

and this is when my thoughts

begin to bring back all my fear.

But I know what is good,

and what is pure and true,

and trust that My God

will at some point give me a clear view.

This is my lesson in faith

and learning to trust.

For My God wants me to learn this

so it is a must.

So I will quiet my spirit

and listen from above

as God smiles at me

and sends me HIS LOVE.

“Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus…than to trust and Obey.” (Another Hymn that I do not know the author of.)



  1. Hmm, that’s very…deep. I normally don’t like hymns but if you just read the words, they hold a lot of meaning. 🙂

  2. You know the last line in quotations was the only part of the Hymn, right? The rest was a poem I wrote.

  3. Oh really? I didn’t know that! That’s…amazing! When did you write that?

  4. 1. When we walk with the Lord
    in the light of his word,
    what a glory he sheds on our way!
    While we do his good will,
    he abides with us still,
    and with all who will trust and obey.
    Refrain: Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.
    2. Not a burden we bear,
    not a sorrow we share,
    but our toil he doth richly repay;
    not a grief or a loss,
    not a frown or a cross,
    but is blest if we trust and obey.
    3. But we never can prove
    the delights of his love
    until all on the altar we lay;
    for the favor he shows,
    for the joy he bestows,
    are for them who will trust and obey.
    4. Then in fellowship sweet
    we will sit at his feet,
    or we’ll walk by his side in the way;
    what he says we will do,
    where he sends we will go;
    never fear, only trust and obey.

  5. Sarah,

    Thanks again. See I know you will always complete the work for me…just like you did with “you are my all in all”. Except, who is the composer? Do you know?

    Love you,

  6. Kaitlyn,

    I wrote it Sunday night.

  7. I just caught it again, honey. In our responses back and forth on our memes on TDPT, you said, “how far God has brought me from the night”, and I commented on it to you then.

    Above you said, “I’ve come a long way, Taken from night into day”.

    Not to say, “thus says the Lord” to you, but honey, I personally think this is your life lesson and theme, at least for now.

    Remember my journaling classes on creative journaling at hour home when you were a teen? We each had to seek out what the theme was that was resonating through that season of our lives. Mine was water, your mom’s was fun, etc. I think I can see the theme of this season of your life.

    Good poem, BTW.
    Love you so much, ShelleyJo

  8. Oh my gosh…Shelley…I remember those classes….but you know what I just connected…you know what my theme was….LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know where all that stuff is…I should go back and read stuff.

    Wow…how crazy is that. You must be right…and it all started back then…oh how God works.


    Love you,

  9. Hi, honey.
    Yep, I remembered, but thought it best to let you remember your own! He has a theme for your whole life, and light shines brightest in the darkness. Just keep it in perspective and you will get through to the end, AND have gotten the point of your purpose here. You will be a Hebrews 11 woman!
    Do get those out, and not only re-read them, but write some more on paper to add to them. I found that mine reflect a lot of where I am now, and I can also see what I still need to work on, and what is coming along nicely.

  10. I thought you probably knew. But man that is crazy. But it is also kind of cool to be reminded that God was preparing me for this way back then. I am so glad you reminded me of that.

    I am going to get my stuff out and see what I wrote back then! It’s funny cause when we were talking about scrapbooking I was gonna mention those journaling nights too and see if you remembered us doing those.

    Love you,

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