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What I Did Tonight – November 1, 2008

Scrap-booking! I started working on my wedding scrapbook over a year ago (I’ve been married for 2yrs.). Because it is so time consuming and I have a short attention span, I don’t pull my stuff out often to work on it. However, it is rainy here today and I was having a relaxing evening, free from commitments. So I decided I would pull out all of my scrap-booking stuff and get more of my wedding sentiments put into my book.

At our wedding we had cards sitting on the reception tables that said “If I could share one thing I’ve learned about life and love, it would be…” and we had everyone fill them out. So, I had started putting these cards into a book but hadn’t finished. So tonight I got the rest of those put in my book, and got three pages of cards done. I still have a VERY full gallon-sized zip-lock bag full of cards that still need to go in the book. However, considering it took me almost two hours to scrap-book six pages, this project will not be complete for a long while still to come!

I was feeling pretty creative tonight though so the pages I did tonight look WAY better than the beginning of the book. The beginning of the book has a lot of white on the pages, but tonight I made sure to fill the pages better. I had a good time tonight. It was fun to look at my wedding stuff again, and was relaxing to sit and scrap-book. But after two hours I was losing my patience and creativity. I can only stick to one thing for so long. Perhaps I am slightly ADD? LOL.

Anyway, I wanted to share my creations with you. What do ya think?



  1. Hi, again!
    I have always thought your Words of Wisdom cards were such a wonderful idea, and wished I had thought of something like that when we were married.
    I can’t even remember what I wrote on ours to you. Hope it was something good! LOL!
    I remember Danette writing something, which was so sweet with her being single and all.
    Speaking of Danette, did you know that she was in love with a guy who wanted to marry her? They were both in YWAM and he was called to one country, while she was called to another, I think it was Australia, where she spent the longest amount of time (years). They were really in love, but she knew to follow the call of God and let it go.
    I think he ended up married and with kids. I think, knowing this I would treasure whatever advice she shared. She has sacrificed a lot, like having her own family, as a single gal!
    Funny thing is, tonight I took my scrapbook stuff over to Teri’s and started laying out what I will be working on next. I, too have a hard time hanging with anything for long, so we will see if I get them done. LOL! So, you and I were on the same “page” tonight.

  2. Shelley,

    That is SO funny – that we were on the same “page” again tonight. It is like we are twins or something. Always thinking the same thing, getting the same results. It is SO so funny to me.

    Hmmm…what did you write…

    Shelley wrote “Don’t talk about each other’s faults. People will remember what you’ve said long after you’re over it.” “Forgive quickly.” “Never give up. It does get better! (26+years later)”

    And Danette wrote “Don’t be the last to say I’m sorry.” “You don’t have to be right, or even have the other person say you’re right. Just forgive – get it right!”

    Both good pieces of advice. And I think that is funny that you wrote that, cause just the other night I was telling you how disrespectful I think it is when women say negative things about their spouses on the internet sites! I didn’t even remember you wrote along similar lines!

    I did not know that story about Danette. That is pretty incredible. Makes me sad she never met anyone though.

    Well, let me know when you are going to scrap-book! Maybe I can join you!

    Love you!

  3. Now THAT would be fun, you joining me in a crop-fest! Teri has the most awesome supplies, too. She has the CriCut, which cuts great die cuts and letters, etc. I haven’t used it yet, but am getting ready to.

    She is playing with her photo shop now, and it is new to her, so it is quite fun. She flips through the book and reads and clicks on whatever and plays.

    I can’t wait to see how some of the older family pix turn out. I did tell her that a priority of mine is to make the banner for my blog site! smile. She has been happily scanning my photos into her program and I know we will have some good ones.

    I am going to do some fun scrap book gifts this year for people. I don’t have money, but I do have some photo paper to copy onto, and lots of papers and stickers and things to make gifts. Should be quite fun when I can focus in and settle down and make up my mind on who gets what. LOL!

    I will tell Ter you are interested in cropping with us.
    Love you!

  4. She has a cricut?!!!!!! Very cool. I was just talking to another friend about those! Very fun. Boy she is really into it then isn’t she?

    I didn’t realize how much stuff I have until I started looking tonight and talking to mom and seeing what she had too. Just over the years I’ve bought stuff and haven’t used much, so now I have a good supply of paper and such. Some fun shaping scissors and photo-cutters and corner cutters and stuff. So, yes…let me know. That would be fun!

    I have been having hot flashes all night and I am quite annoyed at them…random I know…but I am having another right now, and since I was typing to you…well you got to have that info. lol! And anyone else reading it too!

    K. Love you. I think I must need sleep…I am rambling.

  5. Hi, honey. I thought mentioning the cricut might make you sit up and say, Ah!!

    It is funny. In the begining, Teri’s sister paid for her to take a class with her on making a mini scrapbook from scratch. Teri told me and I joined in too and we were partners that day.

    Teri hadn’t been wanting to get in to scrapbooking before when I told her about the Creative Memories party at your place. As I happily cropped, she wasn’t interested. Then, we had that class, and I took a couple more and she joined me. They were on making your own fancy lettering, etc.

    I was into it a lot, and bought templates and all sorts of things. Then, about the time I faded out, Teri kicked in and made calendars for all the grandparents and her siblings for Christmas one year. They were a huge hit and she makes them every year now. The way she puts pix in, they cost her over $100 each to make. Crazy! But, she has a ball and she has turned into the cropping queen. She goes to Sacramento or Roseville, or Marysville for papers and stickers, etc.
    She has some neat gadgets.

    I just read her your above response and she is up for making a play date with us. It will take some planning on what room to use for space, that sort of thing so we can bring our stuff, too and everyone share.

    She and I both have great papers, and I am trying to make some mini scrapbooks up. That is why she is scanning my photos in for me. Her printer is one that you can buy each color separately, and hardly uses anything to print pix. Plus, now she has photoshop, so we can fix them, too before cropping with them. Way too cool!

    When she and I can figure out a date, we will pray for you to feel well enough to join us. Plus, with it being in town, you can come and go as you need to and not have to answer to anyone about why. It is just for fun!

    She said to tell you she is sorry to hear you have so much pain, and she is praying for you, too.

    I was up all night doing Baby’s glucose curve tests (poking her little ears for blood) every hour or so. Finished at 11:30 today, I have had about half hour to 45 minutes to fade into limbo and am up already. I did get quite a bit done in the pantry and kitchen, but it is not finished yet. Looks so much better, though. Yea!!!

    Love you, sweetheart.

  6. Tell Terri that I said thanks for praying and I look forward to cropping together! I have not actually used a cricut or seen it in person…so I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I hope you get more rest tonight. How did Baby’s glucose levels turn out?

    I am glad you got stuff accomplished since you had to be up anyway. I got a load of dishes done this morning and a load of laundry. My kitchen was horrible, so it feels good to have the dishes under control again. I still have another load of bigger stuff to run and tonight’s dinner dishes, but the nasty stuff that had sat for days is done! It just gets hard not feeling well and not being able to stay caught up. You know the drill!

    Love you and stay in touch (as if you won’t on here…lol)!!!!!!!!!!

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