Posted by: thedianestory | October 15, 2008

The Awaited Doctor’s Appt. Update – October 14, 2008

Hello dear friends. I have received many phone calls, emails, Facebook and Myspace messages today asking how my appointment went. So many that I finally had to write people and ask them to please just wait to read my blog tonight…lol!

I woke up this morning feeling like garbage and not knowing how in the world I was going to drag myself out of bed to make it to my appointment. But…I knew that I HAD to make it. So I rolled out of bed, washed my hair, picked my dear friend who went with me up, and headed to my appointment. I was pleasantly surprised upon arriving at the doctor’s office that we were called back within ten minutes of arriving. Awe…a breath of fresh air!

So, here’s the deal. I explained to him that my pain is getting worse and not better and that all I am doing recently is sleeping. I told him that I can’t function and don’t even know what to do anymore. I am so tired and out of it that I had to rely upon my friend to help me answer the questions. So, the doctor thinks that the nerve meds they have had me on are the culprit for me being so tired and therefore, since they are not helping, is going to have me stop taking them. I have to wean off of them this week though as you can’t just STOP taking them. So by next week I will be done taking them and hopefully should wake up a little. *smile*

So the next thing is that he is going to send me to a pain specialist. I guess this guy had worked in his office for awhile and is now moving up here from the Monterey area, so since he is new to town I am hoping he will not be too booked. My doctor’s office is setting the appointment up and then will contact me. So, please pray this happens quickly. The goal is for the pain specialist to do some more imaging studies, hopefully find a source for the pain and then can possibly surgically go in and do some sort of block to some nerves or something. Once I see the pain doctor, then I will go back to see my specialist again. For now, I will keep staying on my pain meds to make it through until we hopefully have an end result with some answers.

My doctor also wants me to try to exercise five times a week getting my heart rate up. Start with keeping it up for five minutes and increase to keeping it up elevated for twenty minutes at a time over the next month. He says he understands that it is hard to push through my pain, but all studies show that women with chronic pelvic pain get some relief through exercise. I told him I don’t doubt that, and have told him myself that sometimes I do feel better if I am active, but there are also days where I literally practically pass out just trying to get out of bed. But, he really wants me to find a girlfriend that I can work out with who can push me and motivate me to get through it. Someone who can drag me out even on the days I don’t even want to try. Does anyone have a membership to In Motion?

I used to run all the time. I would like to start running again. The problem is that you can’t just go run in the park as a girl by yourself. So, I would like to try to find some time to meet some people in the park and run too. Running is fun to me and is a good way to relieve stress. So, we will see what happens with all of that.

How you can pray for me: Pray for me to get into this new doctor quickly. Pray that my pain becomes manageable enough for me to work out. Pray for guidance for Nate and I on what to do about my work situation. Pray for normal sleep habits for me as I normally have a hard time falling to sleep. And please pray for moments for me to see God’s love and remember how much I am loved and cared for.

Thank you to everyone who is journeying with me. I love and appreciate each one of you.


  1. Hello, honey!

    Thanks for updating us on your appointment. Gene goes to a pain management doctor up the street from us. He has helped quite a bit, and has many options and lots of specialized ways to see exactly what the problems and causes are. I am sure your guy will have the same, if not more.

    I, too have had to go off of some meds because all I could do was sleep, or wait until I could get to bed again. Not a good way to live. It really does help to get off these things that are just too much for some of us, and to be up and alive.

    I pray that you can find a running partner, too. I am not up for running yet, just good walks. I ride my exercise bike at home, which helps me a lot, gives me energy and helps ease the pain and insomnia. It also gives me a little more endurance and strength. Funny how a little thing can do so much for a person.

    I am praying for you! Love you so much, ShelleyJo

  2. Shelly Jo,

    I am up for walks to…so let me know when you want to walk, k?!

    Love you and am glad to hear good things about Gene’s pain guy. Hopefully I will get some help.

    I was expecting to hear that I was going to have surgery again, so this a good option!

    Love you.

  3. The kids and I will be happy to take you on a walk in the park. Only if you promise not to run off.

  4. Yeah….No running off on daddy reg ok? I’d walk with you, but I can’t walk more than about 100yards before my knee is in pain. Plus we live near different parks now. I miss you and hope all this can somehow get better or go away sooner than later.

  5. Daddy Reg,

    I am sure I missed walking with you today, but next time I would love too…and I promise not to run off…lol.

    Sarah – Maybe I should drive down and our walk will be to pick up the girls from school. lol. Love ya girl.

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