Posted by: thedianestory | October 14, 2008

Cookies and Milk

Doesn't This Look Yummy!?

Doesn't This Look Yummy!?

It is almost midnight and I am craving cookies and milk! Yes I do have Oreos in the cupboard and yes, I do have milk. So yes, I can give into this thought of yumminess! What do you think I will decide to do? Comments please…let’s see who gets the answer correct. lol.

Doctor’s Appt. Tuesday October 14th @ 1:30pm. Details to be posted when I get home. Thanks for the prayers!



  1. Hmmm. Is this a no-brainer? You ARE your mother’s child, after all, honey. I would expect that, yes, you had some wonderful cookies and the milk needed to help wash them down. But, not too many cookies. Hmm?

    BTW, how was the Dr. apt? I had one today, too. Let me know how it went, okay?

  2. Hi my wonderful friend. I too am enjoying catching up with you more. Glad I found the good way to get a hold of you! Have you read my update blog? So, how did your appt. go?

    I have five oreos and a glass of milk….I guess knowing me my entire life helped ya with that one…lol!

  3. You were able to stop with 5? Good willpower! Anybody knows you had to have them.

  4. Thanks Sarah. I did resist eating any last night though. lol

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