Posted by: thedianestory | October 10, 2008

A Health Update

I realized today that it has been awhile since I’ve posted an update on my health. Today I got emails from family members who rely on my blog to keep up-to-date on my health, so they requested an update. Rather than emailing a bunch of people I figure it is easier to post an update. So here ya go:

I am still in a TON of pain. I am fighting each to day just to get out of bed. This week I am more tired than ever and have not been getting out of bed until four or five in the evening. Yes people, I have been sleeping fifteen to sixteen hours a day. I do not understand it myself. Either something else has to be going on, or my pain is just causing more and more fatigue on my body.

I go to the doctor again on Tuesday the 14th, so I will get the next round of advice or treatment. I am going to request that some lab work to done to rule out things such as Thyroid problems or Mono. Those are two things that I know could be causing me to be so tired. I will probably also have him check my hormones again to make sure those are balanced. I want to get to the bottom of this tiredness, cause this is adding even more problems to my pain.

Prayer Requests – how I need you to pray. Please pray for direction for my sweet hubby and I. I don’t know what to do about going to back to work. My health is getting worse and not better. Therefore I need God’s healing hand or lots and lots of strength to fight through this. Please pray for my emotional stability. It is so hard not to sink into a deep depression when I cannot even function in the slightest. Please pray for God’s peace for myself and my husband.

Thank you to everyone who is praying. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.



  1. Oh Diane, I am so sorry to hear that your pain is getting worse. I will definitely be praying for you and your husband. Please keep us updated, especially after your appointment!

    I’d love to read your letter meme responses! How about the letter “m”? 🙂

  2. “m” sounds awesome. Thanks Morgan. Now I have something to do tonight. lol. Thanks for the prayers. I really appreciate them.

    Love ya!

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