Posted by: thedianestory | October 9, 2008

Cupcakes Anyone?

Do you think I could make these?

Do you think I could make these?

SO last night my hubby wanted dessert. Beings that we don’t get paid till the 10th, we have not done a big grocery shopping so we are low on snacks. This means no store-bought cookies or candies or whatever. So I had to bake something if we were going to have dessert. I’ve been craving cupcakes anyway, so I decided to bake. Nate chose the Funfetti cake mix from my shelf and I baked one set of cupcakes and one small cake. This is where the problem came in. After the cake was done in the oven I went to boil some eggs for Nate’s lunch today. The cake was sitting on the big burner up front and I had the pot of water on the back burner. I specifically had the thought process “make sure to turn on the correct burner.” Thought I had turned the back one on, went to take out the trash and came back in to a burning smell – only to realize that I had in fact turned on the front burner where the cake was sitting. So of course my instant reaction was “quick grab the cake” and went to grab it – bare handed. Of course the cake pan was intensely hot and I now have three scalded fingers. Lovely. And my cake was partially ruined. Luckily the cupcakes were fine and I was able to send some to work with my honey.

Some days are like that – right?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. oh, my gosh! you are a blonde!!! love ya kid. ps…the cupcakes on the pic are cute…do i think you could accomplish that? um no. you’d drive yourself insane trying though! hehe. funny thing is i’m currently working on procuring cupcakes for one of my january weddings.

  2. I couldn’t find the pic I wanted. What I wanted to post were iphone cupcakes that Nate showed me a pic of earlier. Thanks for the vote of confidence though. lol.

  3. hey! i at least know you’d try!

  4. Yes….there is always that. hee hee *smile*

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