Posted by: thedianestory | September 26, 2008

Catching Up – September 26, 2008

Hi friends. I was doing so good about posting everyday and then this week got a hold of me and messed it all up…lol! My mom is moving right now and since I am the only family here…that leaves me to help her. So I have been doing what I can. Of course my pain limits what I can do, so some days I have just been there as an overseer, organizer, boss, supervisor, or encourager. *smile*

The 24th was mom’s 50th birthday. I am going to post about the fun adventure I made sure to giver her, but the pictures are not uploaded yet so I have to do that first. So, look for that post soon!

Mom will be completely moved by Sunday! I can’t wait for her to be over at her new place. I just want the moving to be done. Unpacking at the new house will not be such a big deal. I just want the craziness to die down a little bit. My brother is flying in tonight, Friday. So he will be here to help us finish. That will be SO nice! I am excited to see him and grateful for the extra hands to help us finish. At this point, it is much needed.

So, hopefully soon I will be back to my daily posts. Life has just been very crazy. *laugh*



  1. I love the picture of the water bottles!

    Yay to Moms new house!!!

  2. Nate took the water bottle picture. It was from an outreach for church. I just go through my pics and try to find something fun to put up on posts when I have not been able to upload the current pics from my camera yet! I’ve got to get out and take some more nature pics so I have a variety to choose from.

  3. Hang in there sweet girl! Be strong. I am thinking of you! =) LOVE YOU

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