Posted by: thedianestory | September 19, 2008

Medical Update

Hi friends.

I went to the doctor again today for a follow-up visit. He asked me to not give up on my meds. yet that he had prescribed, and he upped the dosage from 900mg per day to 1800 mg per day. He said they may need just a little more time to kick in. He asked me if there were any things I did that did make a difference and I told him the couple things that work some of the time, but not all of the time.

So, he wants me to try to keep a routine (which I’ve already been attempting) and to make sure to soak in the tub every day and keep my stress to a minimum (ha ha…). So I go back to see him on the 14th of October. We will see what happens from here. I am not any better as of yet, and I have been resting for four weeks. I don’t know what else to do to get better. It is frustrating, but I do still have faith that God is in control and knows what he is doing (somehow HE seems to have things figured out…*smile*).

So, if any of you have any *de-stress* ideas…let me know. I covet your prayers and would appreciate the continued coverage.

Thanks so much for your support friends. You are treasures to me.

Romans 8:28



  1. I’d say bedrest. Its hard and sucks, but do-able. Much more do-able for you right now then it was for me a couple months ago. You don’t have people to chase around the house! But you, like me, will get bored and irritated and want to get us and do SOMETHING. Since you being on & off of bedrest isn’t life threatening to anyone I’d try limiting myself to only so many hours out of bed each day. More than my 29 minutes by all means!

    I have a friend doing a study on yoga and certain illnesses. I might send you her bulletin. Let me know if you are interested and then I’ll hook you up with her. Shes doing her clinical trials and is traveling all over the US so she might as well come to NorCal!

  2. Sarah,

    Sure. You can get me more info. That’d be cool. Love you!

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