Posted by: thedianestory | September 16, 2008

Follow up – Single Women in the Church

Thank you to everyone who responded to my question on the church. I’d like to follow-up on a question I posed within in the comments. Others have asked me about it as well, as to what I meant in regards to “single” women. Many posted regarding widows. That is, I believe, the first thing most people think about regarding helping single women in the church. However, what is truly on my heart is single women who have been abandoned by the men in their life. What about single women who have been abandoned by their husbands. Single women with no kids, single women with kids….those type of situations.

What is the church’s responsibility to them? How should we be reaching out to them? What things should we as the church be doing to help.

Any thoughts are welcome. I do not have all the answers, let alone any of them. I do not know that my own thoughts are the correct ones. So, I encourage all of you to post your thoughts.



  1. To me its pretty much the same situation. You should ALWAYS go to your family & immeadiate friends first. Kids, siblings, son-in law, best friends son, whatever. Then if assistance is still needed you go to the church. The church should help if possible.

    Divorced women should not be forced to date super fast, just like I implied in the widow situation. I think they need to grieve too. HECK! Our moms and several friends moms were married from 15-25 years prior to divorce. You can’t just get over that overnight. And we know it can even take years to consider dating. Plus they aren’t just young single things anymore, they have other priorities…like kids and grandkids and debt and jobs, etc. They have to grieve, enjoy life, then attempt to date a little bit.

    I don’t think God intended for anyone to be single. He designed a perfect system of families. Sometimes that plan gets derailed by infidelity, incompatability and divorce. I’m sure women such as our moms will find someone, someday.

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