Posted by: thedianestory | September 11, 2008

At the Library

Libraries…do those exist?

My friend always takes the munchkins to the library. I kept saying I wanted to go with them as I had not been to our library in probably like fifteen years. Usually I am working, but since I am out on disability I was able to go with them today. It was perfect timing too because the hubby needed a book on Malcolm X for a report he has to write for school, so I was able to pick one up for him.

I perused the shelves and got a fun fiction book for a quick relaxing read. I’d tell ya the name, but I can’t remember right now and am too lazy to get up and go get it right now. So that will be another blog when I tell ya if I like the book or not! Anyway, I am excited to use the library more actually. There were lots of people there and I was surprised by how many hours the library was open. They got some of their funding back so we have a fully active library again. Very fun.

I love to read but usually buy all the books I read. Actually checking them out from the library will save on the pocket book and allow me to read more stuff. Yeah for bookworms!



  1. I like your question Diane, and I think it opens a can of worms perhaps larger than you intended.
    However, I’m going to talk it over with AJ before answering, as I assume you’d like Biblical basis for the why.
    Is that correct?

    You said “single” so that encompasses more than the specified widows.
    I believe that the Word of God is clear about the church’s responsibility to take care of widows, and women who have been abandoned by the men who should be caring for them.

    Let me think about it and get back to you:-)

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