Posted by: thedianestory | September 5, 2008

Gold Cup Racing

At the Races

At the Races

My mom and I went to the Gold Cup tonight. It was night one of the three-day event. We are only going to tonight’s as it is super expensive to go. However, we’ve never been to the gold-cup and we’ve been going to the races most every weekend of this summer, so we had to go to the best event there is. The race was awesome! The guy we were rooting for came in second, winning $2,500. Tonight’s race was fun because it was the best drivers from all over the country. It was also fun because pretty much only the die-hard race fans go to the gold-cup so the enthusiasm around you for the race is amazing.

I had a stress-free, fun evening. The above pic of my momma isn’t from tonight, but it is from one of the race nights this summer, so I thought I’d post that pic since I didn’t take any photos tonight.

What are your plans for the weekend? Inquiring minds want to know!



  1. AWESOME!!! I AM SOOOOO GLAD!!!!! You needed a night like that! How is your Mom by the way? IS she LOVING her new HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) LOVE YOU!

  2. Mom is good. Getting things ready at the new house. Painting, cleaning, got the new fridge today! We will need help this month getting her moved if you are up to it! Love you!

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