Posted by: thedianestory | August 26, 2008

Disability Leave

So I promise to try to post more uplifting blogs in the next few days, but right now I am trying to keep everyone up to speed on what is happening with me. I could not write all the details before until I knew exactly what was happening and had talked with my work. Beings this is the world wide web and anyone can view it!

My doctors have asked that I be off work for three months. I was not sure how that was going to work with my job. See my housing is part of my job so it gets tricky. However, I am protected under state law for twelve weeks so I am allowed to take three months leave without worry of losing my job. I do feel I need this time off as I am not doing well. The pain pretty much does not subside and I have very little energy. I just wasn’t sure what was going to happen with my job. I am still not sure what will happen at the end of the twelve weeks, but I am trusting is God and know that he has a perfect plan.

Many people have asked how I cope and how I can deal with this pain and what I am going through. They ask how I can keep my faith and feel like God is taking care of me. The answer is this: It’s not easy and some days I struggle. But, it is not my job to understand why God is allowing me to journey this road. It is my job to serve God and continue to trust him with my life. If this is what God has for me, then I will walk this road and do my best not to question him.

Some do not understand why God hasn’t healed me. Some suggest my faith must not be strong enough. Some think I need to go to healing services. I can tell you that I do not know why God has not healed my body. I’ve been sick for over half my life. But I can tell you that God allows us to endure trials of many kinds. God is choosing this for me and it will make me stronger. And I can tell you that I know my story has helped encourage some people and I have been able to help some women with similar situations. And if this is why God is choosing me to suffer, so that I can help other people, then that is my job to serve him and I will endure the pain.

I know my God is faithful and I will never quit trusting him. God loves me and God loves you. He will continue to sustain me.



  1. LOVE YOU!!!!!
    You have grown incredibly in just the short two years that I have known you. George Mueller once said that hard trials produces strong faith. (or something like that) So… if anything God is strengthening your faith in Him.
    Love you!

  2. Hmmm…
    We will be everywhere but here until mid October maybe?
    I don’t know if or when Molly might come out, but I’m talking like she’s planning on it, because it might happen if I talk like that? You think?
    I don’t know.
    Ask Molly “when” she and Nick plan to come. I think it would be a ball if you guys all came.
    Wyatt has a pool table, and a pin-pong table, and a projector downstairs which makes a far larger picture than I can handle with a some of the shaky filming on the new action movies out there!

    Let me know what might work for you all!


  3. […] not been our library in probably like fifteen years. Usually I am working, but since I am out on disability I was able to go with them today. It was perfect timing too because the hubby needed a book on […]

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