Posted by: thedianestory | August 25, 2008

The Rest of the Update

Hello again friends. So, I was in the hospital due to pain from my on-going battle with Endometriosis. However the pain now, the doctors don’t really understand because there shouldn’t be anything there to be causing pain. So, they think it may be neaurological pain now. Basically the nerves are shooting pain signals because they are used to it, and not because there is actually pain there.

My pain got so out of control on Thursday and my pain meds were not working, my heart was racing, my blood pressure was skyrocketing, and I was puking non-stop. So I had to go to the hospital to get everything balanced out. They also discovered that my blood-sugar was very low. Down to 53 and shouldn’t be below 70. So, they think I may be hypoglycemic and have to test my blood-sugar for awhile. It is probably just from puking and dieting (medical diet I was on), so I think that will balance itself out.

Anyway, so after leaving the hospital I saw my family doc, and then he sent me to my specialist. My specialist work late into the evening to see me, so that was good. He put me on a couple new meds and wants me to get rest. (More about that later.)

Thanks everyone for your love and prayers. I will keep you posted on my condition. Not sure how much I’ll be on in days to come as I am feeling pretty sick, and even being on the computer seems too much for me at times. I enjoy the comments (Thanks Analene) so drop me a line when you drop by!




  1. Dearest Diane,
    That sounds miserable!
    I am praying for you, and maybe I’ll be motivated to post more to give you something new to look at on my page!

    The weather here has been warm warm warm, and then a thunder storm will blow in out of nowhere and rain buckets of cool rain. I love it!
    The sky is much clearer here all year – even in winter, and I like the sun interspersed with rain clouds and snow storms. It’s strange, but picks up ones spirits!!

    You may know that Emma is here again. I am really enjoying here, and we’re making her read Pilgrims Progress to us when she’s not busy with cooking, cleaning, ironing…
    We call her CinderEmma!! 😛

    Please give Molly hugs from her ol’ sis. I wish she was here to go shopping with us!
    Say… if Molly and Nick come out this Fall you guys should come along with them! It would be a blast!
    And did I mention that there are outlets here in town?

    Love to you,

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