Posted by: thedianestory | August 14, 2008

Bless the Lord

“Bless the Lord, Oh my soul,

and all that is within me.

Bless His Holy Name”

What ever happened to hymns? I understand that times change and churches thrive to remain “current”, but I grew up with hymns and I do think that they still have a place in the church. No I do not desire to only worship God through hymns, but I do think that so many hymns have such incredible messages that this new generation is missing. I don’t even think the children I know (pretty much excluding you blogger moms) know the Christian Songs we grew up with: Stop and Let me tell you what the Lord has done for me, Father Abraham, I’m in the Lord’s Army, Hallelujah Praise the Lord – not that these songs are the “end all, be all” to grow up being a Christian. I am just kind of sad that our future generations are missing out on the foundations that many of us grew up on.

Those are my midnight ramblings rumbling around my head. Any thoughts?



  1. I like your new digs Diane!
    I think you are right about Hymns. For one thing, our culture has lost the art of using worst to actually mean something valuable.

    For instance, I myself was going through the list of songs I grew up with in Sunday school, and was suprised at how mwaningless most of them were!
    ie. Pharo-Pharo, I Don’t Wanna Be A Pharisee, I’m Upright Downright Happy All The Time, Grin Again, etc.

    I did not grow up with Hymns myself (at least not in church), but I was fortunate that (baring Sunday school) our church sang a lot of scripture put to music.
    I like that too, and for “children’s” music (of which we listen to next to none, I reallyreallyreally like Steve Green’s Hide ‘Em In Your Heart CD’s.
    I could do to find some Hymns on CD that I really like. The ones I have are two or three on a disk mixed in with other stuff.
    Michael W. Smith has a nice one, and I love Fernando Ortega! Have you heard Fernando Ortega?

    Love you lots,
    Momma Bug

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