Posted by: thedianestory | June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen – Blessing Your Husband

I’ve been working hard this week to bless my husband in little ways. I am trying so hard to be a wife/woman of God to my husband. So here is a list of thirteen ways to bless your husband. Some of them I have done, others I will try to do. Not all will apply to everyone’s relationship, but the point is for we, as wives, to think about how we can be a blessing to our husband.

1. Surprise him with a special night in – Dinner and a movie, table decorations and all for dinner.

2. Leave your husband cards to find at different times (Leaving for work, by the computer, by his dinner plate)

3. Bake him dessert in a heart-shaped pan (Brownies and Cake work well)

4. Keep a tight reign on your mouth and remember not to “nag”.

5. Get dressed up just for your husband. We don’t always need to dress “comfy and frumpy” just cause we can. Our husbands like to see us “cute and sexy” too!

6. Make a point to take interest in what they are doing, even if it is something you really may not enjoy.

7. Do something around the house that you would usually ask them to do (for me it is doing the dishes and taking out the trash)

8. Clean the house before they come home from work.

9. Go to bed with them even if you not tired and don’t have to be up as early as them, and you know they will be out to dreamland in 2.5 seconds. Men like to know their wives are next to them.

10. Make your husband a lunch to take to work. (If you are not a morning person, pack it the night before and put it in the fridge).

11. Buy them something at the store just because you are thinking of them. (This does not have to be anything expensive. It’s the thought that counts)

12. Send them a text message during their work day to say I Love You.

13. Remember to repeat your thirteen things you come up with to continually bless your husband.


  1. Hey, I’m proud of you. 🙂

  2. Hi Diane! Thanks for visiting my blog…I have been reading yours, too! What a great list. I’m sure you’re husband is so blessed by you. And, thanks for the reminder on not dressing “comfy and frumpy.” That made me laugh!

  3. The going to bed early for them….yep…need to work on that one! Nick has to get up sooo early and I always make him stay up with me…It is not very kind…I am not a morning persona and do not go to bed easily… Thanks for the reminder… I love to always remember and be thinking up new ways to show my Man how DEEPLY I ADORE HIM. =)

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