Posted by: thedianestory | June 20, 2008

Five Years

June 19, 2003 I embarked on what would be a journey of my lifetime. What would start as a friendship and blossom into a soulmate began with my Nathan. Nate and I officially decided we were “together” on this date five years ago. Our relationship was really ordained by the Lord. See, despite what others thought because of our age difference, we decided to journey through life together and see where God led. It was really the first time in my life that I stopped listening to the voice of man, and started being confident in the voice of my God.

I had prayed for awhile about my friendship with Nathan and if God thought I should pursue it beyond friendship. What God told me was that my Nathan was His gift to me, if I would choose to accept it. I nurtured this precious gift God gave me and pursued this relationship further. Our story of how we became engaged seems less romantic to some because I knew it was going to happen, but if you can understand how our whole relationship evolved, you would see that God was in each step.

Our relationship began as a friendship, and that friendship just continued to grow. It was evident to us very quickly that we were looking at our future spouse when we looked into each other’s eyes. And so as our friendship developed we began talking about marriage and when we should marry. So we really had our wedding planned before he even asked me to be his wife. So our engagement wasn’t exactly a “surprise” to me, but rather the confirmation of my precious gift from my Lord.

So though we got married August 5, 2006 I count today as a milestone in our relationship….our five year “anniversary” of our relationship which is our gift from God to each other. I am so blessed to have this man in my life and so blessed to have a God who would grant me such a gift.

Thank you Jesus for knowing just what I need and blessing me so. Thank you Nathan for being such a loving husband. I LOVE YOU!

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