Posted by: thedianestory | May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Today was my hubbie’s birthday. My camera with the pictures on it is in the car, so pictures will have to come later. However I just wanted to praise God for today, for allowing me to still celebrate my husband even with the hard times going on right now. I spent the day with my mom working on funeral arrangements and taking care of things related to grandpa’s passing. However this evening, I was able to take my husband to dinner, with his parents. We went to Sierra Nevada Brewery as Nate had never been there before.

When I came home to meet my husband for dinner, I brought cupcakes I had baked at my mom’s. I didn’t have them frosted and decorated yet, so I still needed to do that. It was perfect though because when I got home, Nate was running to the store. So while he was gone I worked on them getting them ready. Nate came home right as I was finishing up, so he saw me putting the finishing touches on them, but that was okay. He was excited.

Now I praise God for today because I wanted to bless my husband with cupcakes, as he loves them. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull his birthday off with me being so busy and mourning my grandpa’s death. But I figured I could find time to bake cupcakes. Now, I was using what was on my mom’s shelf and all she had was a carrot cake mix. (I would have baked another kind from scratch, but my recipes all call for the milk and eggs and butter mixture to sit for thirty minutes, which I did not have), so I was using a box mix, but carrot cake was all my mom had on the shelf. While Carrot Cake is my favorite, it is not my husband’s. However, when I presented the cupcakes (on a cupcake tower) to my husband, he was so happy. He grabbed the one at the top of the tower (the one MOST decorated of course) and chowed down. He said they were good, so I was happy. I was kind of worried I might hear “I don’t like carrot cake”, but no….my husband was grateful for what I could do. And he had more than one thoughout the night which tells me that he actually did like them.

So, I praise God for the small things. For finding time to bake for my husband’s birthday, and for carrot cake…who knew my husband would delight in carrot cake cupcakes? It was awesome.

Cupcakes, a nice dinner, and a relaxing evening. It was a nice night.

Now, I better attempt to get some sleep…that is still hard for me right now as the memories creep in when I sleep. I miss my grandpa.



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