Posted by: thedianestory | May 16, 2008


Well I have been tagged by Momma Bug and so I am complying and playing the game. Actually I don’t mind at all, it’s just last month or maybe the month before I played the Seven Random Things about myself meme, and so now I am going to try to come up with six more quirky things? Is that possible?! Okay, those of you who know me well can stop laughing at me now….

1. I cannot stand to see or listen to people cracking their knuckles. It makes me want to puke. Seriously…it’s worse than nails on a chalkboard.

2. I can’t sleep to the sound of silence. It must be cool and there must be the sound of a fan humming. Without it, I will not sleep. Good thing my husband likes the exact same thing (isn’t it awesome how God gives us even the littlest things like that).

3. I have to read every page in a book. I can’t skip the intro. or preface or dedication, or any of it. If I do, I just can’t say that I’ve read the entire book. And I feel guilty for skipping parts of it.

4. If I am sharing a drink with someone, say my husband for example, I go balistic if they hang on to the cup instead of setting it back down when they are not drinking it. If I go to take a drink and they are holding it,…well, I go crazy. (Note to pre-marital counselors….advise husbands to have a separate drinking glass…LOL)

5. I like clocks to be set ahead by about five minutes…it’s some trick to me mentally to have more time than said clock says.

6. Last, but definately not least…I HAVE to have bath towels folded a certain way. If you’re not going to fold them they way I like…I may as well fold them myself. They just don’t sit on the rack properly otherwise.

Okay, now that you all think I am crazy I am going to tag other people in an attempt to make myself look less crazy. Come on now…we all have our quirks!

I Tag:

Nate (even though he won’t participate cause he is too cool for this stuff…lol)

Mommy Reg


That’s all I have to tag because Analene tagged the other People I know. Guess I need to make more blogging friends, huh?

Okay Analene…you better comment on my quirkiness!


  1. Funny blog post… i laughed at the drink Love ya babe.

  2. You are awsomely quirky!
    I cannot remember stuff like that when put on the spot.
    It is fun how we each are a little strange in our various ways!
    I grow more comfortable with that the more of life I live.
    (It’s helpful to have a husband you adore – who really cares what anyone else thinks!!)


  3. Hey! cool…lol…I think…I have to fold the towels a perfect way too… My Mom in Law has folded our towels before and I felt bad doing it…but I couldn’t help but unfold them and do them again…my way…lol your not alone there! Love you!

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