Posted by: thedianestory | May 13, 2008

Softball and Other Midnight Ramblings

It’s after midnight and I should be sleeping. However once again I can’t, so I thought I’d type a blog. I wish I had pictures to include for tonight cause you’d laugh your face off at Molly and I, but they are on her camera so I will have to wait to get them. But when I do, maybe you’ll see them!

Tonight I had another softball game. Have I mentioned softball on this blog yet? Maybe not, so if you don’t know, Nate and I are on a softball team with our church, Harvest Community. Tonight was a late game at 8:45pm. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it as my pain was horrible all day. But I knew I must press through as we are kind of short on girls and I didn’t want my team to be forced to forefit. So I went and played the best I could…only to find that our opposing team was a challenge to deal with. Their attitudes were ugly and I was struggling to deal with them. It was very hard to let their comments role off and keep going. Having been in pain all day, my nerves were shot and I was already edgy. My pastor and Molly helped me to keep going and encouraged me to remember that tonight it was my turn to be the example.

See we’ve got to remember as a team that we are representing Christ. Our team name is Harvest Community. So people figure out pretty easily that we are a church. Our team is not in this to win (even though that is always a plus), but to fellowship with each other and have some fun. We all should be striving to be an example for Christ everyday, but when we are together as a group, and it is clearly exemplified that we are a church, we have to remember to watch out attitudes and make sure we are reflecting God’s love.

More than once I wanted to snap back with a comment to the opposing team, but I kept thinking “What would Jesus Do?” and I heard in my head “turn the other cheek.” So I did, and I made it through. Yes we lost our game, but left with our integrity and we know that we left the example of Christ out on the playing field. Tonight, that’s all that really mattered.


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