Posted by: thedianestory | May 12, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day

Today was a wonderful Mother’s Day. I spent the day with my husband, mom and brother. We started our day off at church, and then went to lunch. Came home cleaned up the house a bit, changed clothes, and headed over to my mom’s house to meet up with the family again. Mom, Danny (brother) and I played a game called Dutch Blitz and then Mom, Danny, Nate and myself went to see What Happens in Vegas. After the movie, Danny had to leave and make his way back to San Francisco fo his second week of reserve duty. Nate went home to work on a paper for school, and mom and I spent the rest of the evening together. I did come home and make sure my hubby got some dinner though!

Beings that it is Mother’s Day, today could have been a hard day for me. Most of you reading this blog know of my health problems and know that I cannot have children. So, today could be a day that I could struggle to get through. However, because I chose to focus on other things, like honoring my own mom, and because of a couple of thoughtful friends, today brought a smile to my face.

This morning at church my pastor’s wife (and very special friend to me) came and told me that she’s been praying for me this week and this morning as she knew that today could be a hard day for me. It meant the world to me for her to tell me that. I was SO touched that she would think of me, when she has two small kids of her own and it is her day to celebrate mommyhood. She had tears in her eyes telling me, and I could feel her compassion for me. God ordained that moments friends, and I am grateful.

Then tonight I checked my check my myspace account and my best friend, Sarah, had left me a comment saying “Happy Mother’s Day…You are the Best…To An AWESOME Aunty!!!” That touched my heart as well. I’ve included a picture of her two children who I am aunty to.

So my friends, today was an awesome day for me and I want to say thank you to those of you who helped make it that way for me. Thanks for turning what could have been a hard day, into a good one. I love you all!



  1. Always thinking about you Di. You are a great friend and Aunty. Thank you! Love Vicki

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