Posted by: thedianestory | March 31, 2008

The Thoughts in My Head

So I haven’t posted in awhile now. Too much going on, and not a lot of inspiration to write. I still don’t have anything too terribly profound to write but thought maybe I should post something so everyone knew I was still alive!

The main thing I am learning in life right now is to follow your heart, passions, and to use the gifts God has given you in the direction he leads you. Anytime you try to mold your life to something that is not 100% God’s direction…you will know. I am discovering that yet again in life and feel God leading me in a new direction. I don’t know how to get there exactly but I do know that somehow, I (and my husband) must find a way to be at the center of God’s will for our lives. My heart and passion is not being used where I am at in the professional world right now, and needs to be, desperately.

I went to school to be a teacher, but because of many health issues, was not able to finish my BA degree (three classes short) and was forced to quit my student teaching job. I then found a job where I could work from home, which allowed me to manage working and deal with the pain I face from my health issues. I’ve tried to make this work and take life in a new direction, but my heart and passion is for kids. That is where I want to be. This week I was driving and passed a class walking down the street on a field trip. Every part of my being wanted to be that teacher, leading that class. I am meant to work with children. I know that is what God created me for. I feel God leading me back there. I don’t know how to get there, and I don’t know how my health will hold out. I do know I feel God’s leading on my life, that it is time to get back to my passion. I want to finish my degree and get my teaching credential. I am waiting for God to show me the rest of His plan. I feel His prompting though, and I know God is speaking.


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