Posted by: thedianestory | February 19, 2008

Walking, and Talking and Walking

Today was my normal day off, which is starting to include a nice walk in Bidwell Park. I had to make sure to get that walk in today as it is supposed to start raining tomorrow for the next several days. I’ve been blessed with a new friend, turned walking partner, and we have started meeting up for these walks on Monday afternoons.
We both talk a lot, and there never seems to be a lull in conversation. This would explain why we ended up walking eight miles today, right?
Yes, yes…you read correctly, today we walked eight miles. Why? Well, we were talking and neither one of us decided to ever say anything about crossing over to start back to where we started. So we kept walking, and got clear to the end of the park where it meets the road where we finally crossed the bridge to start turning back.
We talked a lot about family, church, Christianity and life in general. We talked about how Christianity is a gift, and how we just want to be able to share the gift with people; How as Christians we need to live our lives as an example of Christ so that people can see this gift we’ve been given. We as Christians should not have to be pushy and shove our Christianity in people’s lives. People should be able to see that something is different in our lives, and then they can ask questions if they want to know more.
We both shared stories about people in our lives’ who have asked questions about church, and God and our lives without us needing to be forceful about our Christianity. We can’t force this gift we’ve been given on other people. It is their choice to take it.
So today’s walk reminded me of the question: You can walk the walk, but do you talk the talk? My thoughts on this “Christianese” saying is this: Our walk must be evident of a relationship with Christ, and the words that come out of our mouth need to be edifying of Christ. However I don’t believe that “talking the talk” needs to include being forceful with our words of our Christianity. People don’t like Christianity shoved down their throats. We must be sensitive to the people in our lives and know when they are ready to hear something about Christ. If they see our lives edifying Christ, they will see this gift we’ve been given. When the time is right, they will ask questions and Christ will make evident to us the words to say to them.
I am just reminded that our Christianity is a gift from God, and we can not force anyone else to accept that gift.


  1. Preach it sister!

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